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I stumbled upon this site that let's you download any app that was on the play store. It even let's you downloadapps that we're removed to. There is an app on there called Manga Zoo. It has all the manga I've ever wanted to read and it's free. Before you ask I used avg to scan it to make sure the apps and the store it self was safe. I have an android so I don't know if it will work for apple users but it should. If you want to be tagged in my cards just say so I'm the comments. ^w^ @nicocoup @Nyan @Ritu @yamijeanfranco
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@AnimeFreak484 😱😱😱 i completely forgot about downloaded manga omg lmao i need to check to see. i also need to see about buying a memory card and if i can use one with my phone, i don't see any spot for one so I'm not sure. 😐😥
thank u for the info, u ust made a girl real happy!! XD
@AnimeFan4Evr NP that's why I posted this card
Where is this! I most go there and get all the manga
hey check out bulu manga on android seems o have a huge catalog and it's free as well. :)