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Can Allkpop just not dig their noses in stuff that shouldn't be spread at all? What really bugs me is that if GD or ANY OTHER IDOL have private pics that they wouldn't post on their public account, why would you spread it? What satisfaction do you gain from this? Like seriously, bad enough that he got his private account hacked, but why reveal his pics even more? Idols need a private life too and some people gotta be extra and ruin it for them. My baby's happiness is my happiness and how can I be happy knowing they gotta deal with stupid events like these? I'd hit them with a light stick if I could ( T _ T ) If you guys know any other sites that are exposing idol's private life, please report them ASAP! No idol or group should be going through this at all. They've worked hard enough and this should be the last thing they should go through ☆ ☆ ( Due to exposure, I have replaced the screenshot with a picture of G Dragon's photoshoot ) ☆
@Mightymuffin my exact thoughts! I wish for all my biases to live happy lives with those whom they cherish! I think more people need to understand that they're not toys for us to keep. If we can marry and date, why can't they?
I couldn't have said it any better.
ikr @SaladChan sometimes I'm just so done with humanity
@CallMeMsDragon I wish for the best of lovely idols, after all, they are humans as well so I can expect mistakes.....🙆 I do wish this would stop happening but alas, it's highly unpredictable. Let's just work together to keep them from getting any worse than it possibly is 👐👐👐
I agree wholeheartedly.
plus, it doesn't matter who dates or marries. like, who cares! as long as they don't hurt him or murders him. he's a human too. isn't he?
@SaladChan One would think that this reporting rag would be respectful of what has happened to GD and not post any photo that they may have received or seen since it was never intended for public viewing to begin with. There should be legal recourse when crap like this happens to protect the person's privacy. I don't care if thirty people saw it if it gets re-posted anywhere you can track down the person's IP address of what device they used to upload the photos. I just can't understand why they thought this was a good thing to report on. I will never buy merch from them every again since they have shown they lack common sense. I have to get off Vingle since I get angry every time I see something about an idol going through some bull-ish because of crazy fans and now a media outlet. Jeez they can't seem to catch a break from anyone. My heart hurts for all these idols they don't desire this garbage.
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