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DAY 97 - An anime character you want to see in a nightmare?

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul / Inuyasha!


Speaking of nightmares, I actually had one this morning and I haven't had a nightmare in a long time. I was being chased by some supernatural thing that seemed like a clown and I hate clowns. It was a persistent sucker!
So, I chose Kaneki to be in my nightmare because for some reason he's the only somewhat scary anime character that doesn't scare but instead I find him attractive. It's weird so if he was in my nightmare's I'd totally be cool with that. It'd be like reliving the scene in the beginning of the series when he first turns into a ghoul and is hungry for something. He tried to eat a burger and to be honest that was the scariest scene for me to watch of him throughout the whole show because he looked so scared that he hated his so called favorite food. He was confused and was screaming nd looked scary in that scene. But, I could relive that scene in a nightmare compared to the scary stuff that scarred me from Madoka Magica. That show scarred me for life and I try to block it from my memory. The reason I said Inuyasha too was because he could be scary too in his full-demon form where he wants to kill everyone. But I still love that beautiful man even if he killed me in my nightmare. He's still my favorite anime character anyway. Or if Kaneki was the main person in my nightmare trying to kill me and Inuyasha saves me. That'd be great!!!

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime would YOU want to see in a nightmare!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
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