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Hmm....can anyone relate to this?? Any shy ppl in the house?? **As for me, I admit I can be shy sometimes and especially if the person intimidates me therefore I won't say much. However, from my experience a lot of ppl judge and assume, I'm a snob. I'm not sure why b/c that's far from the truth, I'm always friendly towards everyone...
i wouldnt dare talk to my crush i guess other people wouldnt talk to there's so true!...
its just ive stopped talking to my bf..bcz watever he says causes a turmoil in me..but it doesn't mean I dint want to..its just his attitude hurt me long time back
@yinofyang dats soo true I end up doing dat soo many times bcs I am soo shy I wish it was easy for me 2 connect 2 ppl it's just a really awkward situation smtms hehe
@cheerfulcallie Exactly, sis. I really like this card. Sure, there are people who won't talk to you, simply because they may not like you or care. But, I think there are a good number of people who really do want to connect with others, but they're so shy, they don't know how.
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