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number 5 Bleach: In all honesty i don't like bleach but my friend likes it and says it should have kept going she forced me but yeah bleach.
number 4 Noblesse: Alright i havent read to far but i already love this web comic the closest thing it's had is like an ova andddddd it could keep going i know it's Korean but still if u read this and say it shouldn't be an anime u lost ur mind.
number 3 Soul eater: There r gonna be people who be like "the anime was amazing what r u talking about" boi if u don't sit ya ass down with ur bs omg maka is a half weapon stfu. But like i was saying if they would follow the manga they would have just one of the greatest anime ever with it's amazing fights great story and a whole lot of other crazy shit.
number 2 hitman reborn: okay i loved this anime i loved it so much it's how i found the manga and realized the anime could have been a thousand times better if it had this style like bloodshed it was more edgy the fights were better but it was also more heartwarming with the ending in the manga meeting the other mafia family and having a pretty good ending then the anime where ot just left off with so many unanswered questions.
Number 1 God of highschool: Omg the one of the best webcomics I've ever seen beautiful story a great cast of characters there was a special thing for this for the 200th chapter go look it up im lazy. It's just amazing if someone like madhouse did this anime it had amazing fights i mean they are fighting fucking gods it has a chapter every week it would just be the best if u havent read it drop everything and read it.
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Yes! We need more Noblesse! Haven't read it but have seen the little bit of anime they have, Soo good!!