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First T.O.P, now GD. But I feel AllKpop doesn't have much care to stop telling fans.
Private pictures between GD and Komatsu Nana, his girlfriend, were leaked by a hacker, G-Dragon went to Instagram to vent about it. And rightly so.
He grabbed a screenshot from the Japanese film 'The Face of Another' to express his frustration. The quote reads, "I can't handle people any more." But he hasn't addressed the hacking outright.
YG did make a statement, reportedly telling, "We need to check the situation. But that's not possibly because it's his personal life." So YG can't do anything. It's up to GD to take action if he wishes to. But that ain't right, someone hacking into his personal life and exploiting their personal pictures.

Anyone else feeling the urge to protect precious GD and Komatsu?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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TBH I'm kinda glad he's dating someone (if he is) I don't want any of my favs to never experience love I want them to live. Even if sometimes I get a little jealous, I want him to be happy :)
I'm happy he's dating someone
Celebrities are human too~ 🙄🙄
@kpopint what would you recommend doing? creating a hash tag for gd saying something to this effect: #holdthelinebtwn privacyandpublic (I know it's long but as an example) or boycott allkpop (but another like it will just spring up). in a society where there seems to be no boundaries or has that Neverending thirst to know more, it's hard to maintain that line between privacy and public. it's situation like this that reminds me that JYP'S response to this kind of line crossing understandable. there almost a need for worldwide monitoring where defenses are in place for celebrities across the globe from all nationalities.
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Here's a thought, Stop feeding into the frenzy! I saw the photos a couple weeks ago on Instagram. I could tell instantly they were private so I didn't click on them. I have had my Facebook and Instagram hacked, not sure why maybe someone was bored. I didn't appreciate having my personal pictures being liked by strangers so I scrolled past his. If "Fans" would treat everyone the way they would want to be treated themselves this would never have happened. It only becomes a big deal if we let it.