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Dear Significant Other,
I don't know if i want to continue this. Writing to you. I have no expectations of who you'll be and i don't want to think about who i want you to be. I say this because it worries me that i'll love an idea more than reality. A part of me just wants someone to hold, someone who's there in more ways than one. Coping with the single life is really tough but it's something i need to learn how to do. Why? I'm not quite sure at this moment but i will find out. Maybe it's so i'll focus more on who i need to be as opposed to who i need you to be? I am doing this for myself and i don't feel selfish saying that. Finding myself, no matter how cliché it sounds, is now extremely important and i cannot neglect it anymore. I will not. But i also understand that it is something that happens everyday of my life and not just during a specific time period. Experiences continuously shape me, i want them to shape me for the better. God help me.
Love yours,