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Thank you kpop god up above for bestowing two amazing new songs in one day! One being from INFINITE and the other being from the sub-unit group BTOB-BLUE (vocalist group).


I really like the vibe that this song gives off in the beginning. It's spooky and wicked with the beat and has a great flow with their voices. INFINTE doesn't disappoint! The build up is exciting and so is the breakdown. I will definitely be listening to this one for awhile. The mv is good and the dance is okay but I don't find the choreography all that impressive. It's hard to impress me unless it's BTS or SHINee. They always have fresh new moves to show me. Everyone in this mv look hot obviously as always!

BTOB-BLUE: "Stand By Me"

This is a slow, ballad song by the vocalist's of BTOB and they did an amazing job. If you aren't into slow songs. More than likely this won't be your cup of tea but if you enjoy listening to beautiful voices then here you go. I loved it although it was a little slow for my taste. It was still pretty to listen to.
Also where are my GOT7 stans at? If you haven't heard about GOT7's comeback, well it will be out on September 27th. The teaser just came out as well. (Here's the teaser video) Beware the teaser if super confusing... What did you guys think about these two mv's that just came out? Did you like them or were you not a fan?


Never followed BtoB but those vocal slayed 馃憦馃憦馃憦
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They have some of the best vocals in Kpop. I highly recommend checking them out @SusiBosshammer
You should post this to the BTOB Community. I'm the mod and I know some of our community members would like to hear your thoughts on the sub-unit.
Alright, I will do that right now!
infinites comeback was amazing
yes it was! I keep listening to the song!
me too lol
I keep listening to that and Hard Carry by GOT7. All the time!