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Alrighty I finally figured out what to do with this there is one chapter left so I hope you enjoy this one. Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last time chapter? Part 8 Continue reading? Epilogue
I had finally decided to do something else with my life. Arlene was sad but she was glad that she was still able to see me whenever since I was dating her grandson. Junior had been busy alot and that was ok. We'd make time for each other and sometimes he'd come and spend the night at my place. All we ever did was talk and fall asleep. One night we were about to fall asleep when Junior got a call. Arlene had ended up in the hospital and we quickly went there. She told all of them that she was fine she just wasn't paying attention and fell. She had hit her head when she fell. I stayed while Junior had to go to work. When she woke up from her nap she looked at me and started crying. I panicked and ran over to her and hugged her. "What's wrong?" "I...I need you to promise me something." She said between sobs. "Anything." "Please don't leave Juniors side. He has been very busy and having you around him has made him not as stressed." "How do you know?" "Simple, he used to never have time to stop by. After he met you he made time and seemed to do better at work." "What does he do?" I asked since I didn't know. He normally changed the subject. I didn't mind though. "He'll tell you when he's ready. He's probably afraid of what could happen when you find out." "Sure...but yes I plan on staying with him a long time. He's my first boyfriend and I like him alot." "That's good." Then she started coughing and the next thing I knew she had blood in her hand. "Arlene you are not ok." "Please don't tell them." "They need to know though." "Junior doesn't need the distraction." "How long?" I asked "About a month now." "How much longer?" I was worried of this answer. "I don't know but today was scary. I got dizzy after coughing and then I ended up here. " "I can't promise I won't tell him...don't make me." "I wont, but just give me some time and I'll do it." Just as she finished her sentence the door opened and in walked Junior. His face said he heard it all. "I'll give you two a few minutes." I said and left the room. I shut the door but could hear him. "How could you not tell me? Your dying and all you care about is not worrying me?" I felt really bad for listening into this so I walked away. I found some seats against the wall and sat. I waited until Junior would come out to see how he was doing. He was in there a while and then came and sat next to me. He laid his head on my shoulder. "Are you ok?" I asked placing my head against his and grabbing his hand in mine. "I'll be fine. I just need some time." "I understand." We stayed there for awhile and then finally he decided he felt better and we went back into her room. We stayed there the rest of the day. Junior did ask the doctor about her condition and that gave us a bit more of what to expect. They didn't think she'd make it much longer because of how far along it had come. That really wasn't something that Junior wanted to hear, nor did I.
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wow. that was heavier than I expected. I am on edge now for the next one. how is she going to react to his job?
you shall find out in the concluding chapter either tomorrow or Tuesday lol