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What does a true fan mean to you? I've heard some other fans ask me. 'Are you even a true fan?' In my head I wanna ask. 'What do you mean. A true fan. Do you want me to buy every album, poster, and all the other stuff?' Idk. Comment below what you think a true fan means to you. Or what they should know or do.
True fan, listens to their music, and is effected in a positive way. money you spend or facts you memorize doesn't matter. As long as you love, what they do and want them to keep going. You support them as they try new things and love them as people while respecting their lives.
I think a true fan cares about the group as people, and respects the fact that they're human beings. They also enjoy and support the group or artist's work that they produce. It's true you're not always going to like everything someone does but you respect the effort they put in. It also deals greatly with how yourself as a fan represents the artist or group. Your behavior, as a fan, reflects onto the artist or group. Don't be rude or mean to other fans. We're here because we love the artist or group, regardless of what other people may think. It has nothing to do with the amount of stuff you buy.
I personally think that being a true fan means that you like their music and what they are doing, not just for their looks.