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source : trashout honestly i'm so scared too sleep now. i told myself "i'm not going to download the game until you get on hiatus" but then with all the fan arts and meme's all over the internet i couldn't resist. now i'm screwed. what is sleep anyways?
Anou... what is MM?
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Ohhhhh, thank you. 😊
MM IS TOO BEAUTIFUL! I feel like i have to stay up to at least midnight so i dont miss any chat rooms! My friend has gotten bad ending twice, and i refuse to get bad ending or spend all my hourglasses!
it is 💓 and same i always feel bad when i do. but i hope your friend gets a good ending next time and i know right i need money to buy the deeper story.
we've all been there before :D
This is me 😂. I keep waking up at random times throughout the night to make sure I don't miss any of the chat rooms
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aha sorry for the late reply but i was playing jumin's route but i don't want to miss anything so i'm going to play it during fall break.