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This came back to me super fast! lol its easy to update when it's short snitbits BUT @SarahVanDorn omg I'm posting this first before I go back to the other collab story I found it funny this part, I had a random thought and, . . . yea so here we go!
Eliza and Belle ended up at the back of the group when they walked out of the restaurant. During dinner one of the dancers had shown Eliza an app on her phone that allowed her to play around with sounds and create her own music.  It was called Music Jam. After messing around a bit at dinner she had put it away and now wanted to play with it and show it to Belle.  So they hung out towards the back of the group and they started going through the tunes. There was a category of random lyrics. Some where funny, some not so much. "I wonder if you can record your voice? " Belle questioned " I think so, yea look there's a mic, oh look they have spooky tunes" Eliza said going through the little things.  "Lets make a song, for fun. You want to?" Belle asked. "Sure here we have to do a bass, a drum beat, oh and random noises " Eliza said.  They went through several and found the right pairing. Then they went through the spooky. "Omg there's a hooting owl, I want to use that " Eliza said. "But they have chains rattling!" Belle said. "Oh this one sounds like someone is dragging a knife on the ground" they had just started playing random ones and were saying what they were hearing. "Okay we went through them all. Which ones would sound good?" Belle asked. "I want the owl hooting at the beginning just for a second or two then going into the knife dragging -" Eliza went with a pattern. "Yes! And then bang there's the drums and the bass coming in. We can play that for a while hmm but how should we end it?" Belle pondered. "Hmm I think the chains at the end, oh right after a lyric or couple of lines " Eliza said. "This is kind of turning out dark!" Belle said. "Oh at the end we can have the phrase. 'I killed it' double meaning! Did good job on song and probably sounded like someone just died. "Eliza you should use a name. Oh then we have a confession of you killing someone!" Belle exclaimed "Hey, you do it! When was it decided I confess? " Eliza questioned making her laugh.  "Okay just say whatever then " Belle said handing her the phone to record her voice.  Eliza thought for a second,  damn, what was coming to mind would either be funny once Belle figured out where it came from or it would freak her out. Meh,  she would take the chance.  "Min Yoongi,  I killed him" Eliza said into the speaker. Belle looked at her friend and burst out laughing. She knew where the thought came from "Oh and that will be at the end, I wish you chuckled or laughed as you said it" Belle laughed. "Agust D came to mind " Eliza said, There was a commotion of noise coming from the back of the group, all the guys could hear it and hear music playing, the guys were all paying attention to it and looking in between themselves to see if someone would question it. So far none of them were doing so. Some of the other people behind them were talking about random things and laughing about it, but behind that noise they could hear beats and a couple girls commenting on what some of the sounds that we're playing sounded like. Jimin, Tae , and kooki started slowing their pace down so they migrated from their spots to further back until they were in front of Eliza and Belle who were the source of the sounds. The three of them were sharing looks and laughs about it. When they started talking about what to say for the end of the song Tae wanted to speak up and say something. But when Eliza said something he couldn't help but stop and burst out laughing, and when the recording of Eliza saying min Yoongi, I killed him kept repeating it just made it worse. He hadn't noticed that he wasn't the only one who had stopped and was laughing about it. "I think they heard me" Eliza said breaking the laughter. "At least they get it and aren't yelling at you for saying you killed yoongi" Belle voice cut in. "Oh come on, I would never . .  But sometimes" Eliza sounded creepy all of a sudden "You should record that and add it, that was so creepy, so fitting!" Belle said. "No you should say, your anger gets the better of you, you just couldn't help it" Jimin said. "That is a better line" Eliza said thinking about it.  "What are you two playing with?" Kooki questioned "Oh this app that lets you create music. There is some pretty cool beats on here" Eliza answered. "We were just messing around and discovered these really creepy sounds.  It turned into a murder song" Belle said. "Theme song to kill him!" Tae exclaimed. "If he winds up dead I'm using this as a confession that you did it!" Jimin said. "Oh no" Eliza said in fake shock "Heh, Eliza able to kill, oh wait she always has sharp scissors on her, okay if Yoongi ends up stabbed to death we can look at her as first possibility " Belle said. "Hey, way to throw me under the bus " Eliza said.  Yoongi had heard the entire conversation and had joined group at the back of the group, Hobi, Jin and Namjoon had slowed down with him and were all listening in to the girls and the younger kids talk.  "I would do it in a heart beat! Belle said. "Hmm maybe I should changed it to I killed Belle " Eliza pondered. "Not before I kill you first " Belle shot back.  "Why is it you two are always discussing murder in some way" Jin questioned it made the two girls look over at the rest of the guys. "Yoongi!" Eliza shouted and flung herself at him wrapping her arms around his neck. "I won't kill you! I love you!" She told him. "How can you go from one confession to the other so drastically? " Belle questioned making her turn back to her friend. Yoongi was laughing at this point. "Its not so drastic and I always tell Yoongi i love him.  I tell all the boys that " Eliza said. "You brave girl" Yoongi said "one of these days one of us is going to get jealous and you'll only be allowed to say it to one of us " Yoongi told Eliza. "Ooo" she cooed. "Nope! If I can't tell you all how much I love and adore you then I won't tell any of you that!  Oh I'll just have Belle tell you all instead!" Eliza perked up at that thought.  "So it's settled you love us all" Yoongi said as she backed away from him and started grabbing for her phone from Belle.  "Can we hear that song you two were making?" Namjoon asked. So Belle turned it on and let them all hear. By the end they gave feedback and then kooki and Jimin started to download so they could play with the app.
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Hehe I love it!!!!! I was dying at this Oh man...now I'm off to another update mwahahahahahag