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It's a beautiful day in the SHINee world with Key's birthday to celebrate! And since it's the 23rd here the States, you know the party is still lit!^^
좋은 아침이에요! @Sailynn here another wonderful birthday! :D
Struggling to get into SHINee? Here's some basic info!^^
Stage name: Key (키)
Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Nickname: The Almighty Key, Kibummie, Bummie, Umma
Birth date: September 23, 1991
Position: Rap and sub vocal
Height: 181 cm
Blood: B
Training: Since 2005 S.M. National Tour Audition Casting
Hobby/Interest : Rap, Dance, Water Skiing, English, Mandarin
Fun Facts~
He did a song with Girls Generation for their Oh! Album called "Boys & Girls"
He was featured in Jessica's "Barbie Girl" and Yoona's "If You Find A Cool Guy, Please Introduce Me" solo live performances on their tour
He did a song with EXO called "Two Moons" where he did the rap part
He has a phobia of heights
His best friends are Infinite's Woohyun and KARA's Nicole
He has a love-hate relationship with horror movies. (As much as he yearns for them, he can’t bear to watch them. He likes them, yet he dislikes them. Because of this relationship, he’s lost his image/composure at the cinema many times, so now he has to rent them as videos/DVDs to watch them at home)
He chose his stage name ‘Key’ because it’s an easy and catchy name to remember; plus, it’s the shortened version of his birth/given/Korean name “KiBum”
Who is your SHINee bias? :D
Let me know in the comments!^^
Happy Birthday Key oppa! :D Much love from all your fans and us @KpopINT too!^^
This has been @Sailynn!
다음에 또 봐요! ^^ <3
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