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Hellooo hellooooo!
Welcome back to the next episode of Foreign Flower~ TOP's edition!^^
Oh boy, where shall we begin after what happened in the previous episode? :3
Hmmm, what would "you liikkkeeee??" >:D
Recap just in case you don't know where this may or may not be going ;)
----> Episode 5
Let's TOP this episode ;)
Please enjoy!
Episode 6~
Straight up awkward. You had yet to see him again since he disappeared to the back of the house but even just thinking about what had happened made you want to find the smallest corner in his house and curl up in a little ball to save yourself from dying of embarrassment- but you knew that wouldn't happen.
His cheerful whistling kept your skin crawling with his constant presence. You hadn't left the living room since the incident, too scared to have any contact with him as he carried on with minor tasks as if nothing ever happened.
<<Did he understand what I was talking about? Did he hear the whole conversation!? He must have. Oh god, he must have! He wouldn't have pulled aegyo like that out of nowhere!>>
You bury your face in your hands and silently scream, contemplating whether or not to start writing your will on the spot or just hurry and dig your grave.
The night mellows out calmly without any run-ins with TOP, but he continued whistling his cheerful tone well into the night, engraving his aegyo moment forever in your head.
Early next morning, you're up and running, ready to jet out of the door to catch the bus, only to stop when TOP blocks the doorway with a sly smirk on his face, holding up the keys in his hand.
"I'm heading out, let's ride together."
You nod slowly with wide eyes and jaw slightly dropped, seeing him for the first time since your sudden non-confession confession.
Even the car ride was awkwardly silent. You sit perfect still as he drove, keeping your eyes straight ahead the entire time without daring to glance over at him.
"Yaah," he said as he pulls into his parking space. "I'm not that bad of a driver see? No need to be so stiff," he chuckles playfully, creating a wave of color to flourish into your cheeks.
You dip your head and force yourself to mutter a quick thank you then jump out of the car and scurry away before he could say anything else that could shoot you directly towards your grave.
Running into Winner's Seung-Yoon and Tae-Hyun right outside the elevator didn't help with your get away scheme when they stopped you to greet you properly and ask about your morning. You knew it would be considered rude to just keep it short and continue running away, even when TOP caught up to you and the two boys.
"Ah, TOP sunbae-nim, good morning!" Seung-Yoon bows, leading Tae-Hyun to follow his leader's example.
TOP bows his head in acknowledgment then glances over to you and smirks.
"Noona, are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost," Tae-Hyun comments with a worried face.
"Yeah, are you okay? What kind of ghost** did you see?" TOP snickers.
Your skin crawls at the sound of TOP's teasing tone. "I'm well, thank you. Just a little cold with the change in seasons."
"Cold? Well of course you're cold, you're all suited up for who knows what," TOP continues snickering.
"Do you have a heater in your office, noona?" Seung-Yoon asks.
You nod. "I'll make sure to turn it on as soon as I enter. Thank you both for your concerns, I'll be on my way."
They bow good bye and stay behind with TOP. You mentally thank them for keeping TOP preoccupied as you slip into the elevator and smash the close door button repeatedly.
Sinking into the semi-worn leather of your office chair, you sigh deeply, partly from barely escaping death and partly from acting so childish towards him after what had happened.
<<But I'm the only one feeling awkward like this, right? I'm the only one dying because it's just a one sided love and he's over there having the time of his life, laughing at my uncoordinated reactions....>>
Your eyebrows squish together in irritation while you turn on the computer and log on.
<<I mean, he doesn't have to laugh at me. I'm sure there's been countless of fans who have confessed their feelings to him but I'm 100% certain he's never laughed at them! Why does he have to take me like a joke!? I'm so- ugh!>>
You fume over the previous events all morning, failing to hear YG's assistant knock on the door until he opened the door and poked his head through to get your attention.
"Ah, sorry. My mind is preoccupied with stuff. Come on in," you say, waving him inside.
"It's okay. You look like you're concentrating on something difficult, what may you be doing?" he asks, setting down a small stack of paperwork on your desk.
"I'm coordinating a few things for next week, nothing too difficult."
His eyebrows shoot up. "Next week? Already? What about your meeting today?"
You glance over at him quickly then restore your focus on the computer. "What about it? The documents were sent to the CEO since last week. I'll review a few minutes before I leave but it's all in the bag, nothing much to worry about."
You feel him continue to stare at you, making you take another look at him to make sure he was still there. "Yes?"
He shakes his head, "nothing. I brought you the documentation for Chi-"
"The Chinese magazine company that requested BigBang? Great! I've been waiting for these to come in, thank you!" You smile brightly. "It'll give me something to do in the mean time."
He presses his lips together into a thin smile and dips his head as he takes a few steps backwards away and stops after a couple of feet.
"You bring your own lunch?"
He points to the small present bag on the side of your desk. "Lunch?"
You pull back from the paperwork and glance over the edge of the desk, "Oh, no. That's fan mail I've yet to open. It's been there for a few days, I just haven't gotten around to seeing what's in it."
"I see." He nods his head slowly then smiles and excuses himself from your office.
Hours pass quickly, soon you begin reviewing for meeting with the board members and the CEO himself then head out to attend the gathering in the conference room.
"Great job today, you've really have go the knack of these things down while your time here," YG comments to you as you follow him out of the conference room at the end of the meeting.
"Thank you sir. As long as I keep improving, I don't think I'll get bored doing what I'm do for this company."
"Good, keep up the great work." He smiles then bows goodbye and heads in the opposite direction.
You lean against the elevator wall as it ascends into the building and smooth out your skirt.
<<Good job, great work, yeah- as long as you never find out that I'm head over heels for one of your artists, I think I'll be safe. I may have to avoid TOP for the rest of my life but that'll be easier once I move out..... yeah, I need to get the ball rolling on that. I can't live with.... after what....>>
As you go to close the office door behind you, something stops the door, making you turn around and see TOP grinning from ear to ear in the doorway.
"You're off right?" He asks, stepping further inside.
You respond with the only way possible, a nod.
"Good, I'm starved. Let's stop somewhere to eat on our way home." He reaches out and grabs your hand, plucking you out of your office and closing the door to guide you back into the elevator.
"M-my s-stuff-"
"Don't worry about it, you'll be back tomorrow right? It'll still be there," he winks.
Even though the car ride this time was short, it was still awkward and filled with silence. He parked several feet away from what appeared to be an American restaurant then shut the engine off.
"I hope you don't mind hamburgers," he chuckles and hops out of the car.
You climb out of the car and trail closely behind him.
<<This is a restaurant? It looks like a fancier version of AppleBee's from back home.... we're coming here just for hamburgers? Really? Isn't that what McDonald's is for?>>
The server had already parted a small table in the back, making you wonder how much in advanced TOP had planned bringing you here or if it was just a coincidence.
"Talk to me, I know Korean just as well as you do," TOP says after the waiter left.
You raise and eyebrow.
He grins, "I know English too, I just don't want to wow my fans with how fast I learned."
You shake your head and press your lips together to hide your smile.
TOP puts his elbows on the table to hold his chin up. "You liikkee?"
Your body trembles with mixed emotions. You reach over and smack his arm, "yaah! Put your elbows down! That's rude you know!"
He smirks, his dimples popping out to say hello. "There we go, now you're talking. Maybe I should do that more often to keep you communicating with me."
"Will you stop it? People will hear you!" you hiss, color bathing your cheeks bright enough to make your whole head feel hot.
"Yaah! I'm trying to practice being cute, give me feedback!" he chuckles teasingly.
<<Aishh.... you're trying to kill me! That's what you're trying to do!>>
The waiter comes back with burgers and fries, making giggle when TOP begins to moan in taste bud pleasure.
<<This man has no chill whatsoever and yet somehow, I can't stop loving every last bit of it.>>
"So," TOP says in between mouthfuls. "How did the meeting go today?"
You shrug, "well I suppose."
"You suppose?"
"I mean, everything we wanted to get approved did get approved without much negotiating, I guess it's become a bit easy for me now."
TOP shoves a couple of more fries in his mouth, "maybe I can talk to the boss to let you try out acting."
"Acting?" You repeat.
"Mmmhmm, it's a lot of fun. You meet all sorts of interesting people and wear fun costumes."
"I know."
TOP smiles, "of course you know. I'm sure you've seen my work."
Your eyes widen with the realization that he was referring to non-confession confession.
He smiles warmly and continues wrapping his head over the exploding flavors of his burger while you sit there trying to remember how to properly swallow again without choking and dying on the spot.
"But in all seriousness," he continues after a few more bites. "I'm glad you're came to work for the boss. The time that I've grown to know you has been some of the best moments I've ever experienced."
<<Trying to save your ass from going to hell before you kill me?>>
"Even though you did give me a heart attack when you disappeared in the woods."
<<Oh god, not that again.>>
"Or when you completely ignored me and payed more attention to the horse in the music video we recorded."
<<What? Are you complainin->>
"Or how you basically called me old when you made lunch boxes and made mine a dinosaur."
<<But you are a dinosa->>
"Or when-"
"YAAH!" You exclaim, making other people turn around to look at you.
TOP chuckles, "Shhh. You'll cause unnecessary attention."
You roll your eyes. "Is this what I get for not talking to you all day?"
His lips curl into a half smirk, "maybe."
With that, you shake your head once more and return eating your food, trying to ignore his dorkiness as you ate.
<<At least you're letting me be with you.>>
“Are you sure you enjoy it?” he asks, fully immersed with curiosity as soon as you're a distance away from the restaurant.
“Yes oppa, it was delicious.”
“Really? Because it didn't look like you enjoyed that ice cream,” he tilts his head to look at you as you let out a soft giggle.
“Oppa, stop! It was all delicious! Even though you kept trying to take it from me, thank you for buying me food,” you turn away to hide your growing smile.
<<I'll enjoy anything as long as I'm with you like this.>>
“Penny for your thoughts?” his voice enters your head.
You snap back into focus, “what? Oh uh, it's a bit chilly....” <<Phew, that was close.>>
“I don't doubt it, you're dressed in that monkey suit today,” he chuckles.
“Yaa! This is professional attire for work! You wear stuff like this too!” you argue back while a light pink shade blooms in your cheeks. "I didn't expect to go out to dinner after work today or else I would have changed into something more casual."
He snorts, “Kinda felt like a date since you look nice and all.”
<<A date!?>> You force a laugh to hide your embarrassment, “more like an interview since I look more authoritative than you like this.”
He laughs too, “An interview? And the interviewee bought you dinner? What is this then, a bribe for the job?”
“No!” You laugh and lightly punch his arm, “it's not like that.”
He smiles, “yaa, don't do that, it makes me nervous, especially since you're wearing heels.”
You pat the spot where you had hit him and glance up to smile at his gentle face, “it was just that night. Don't worry about me, you've got too much on your hands.”
He sighs and shakes his head, “don't do that either.”
“Do what?”
He stops abruptly, throwing you off guard as you stumble to a halt but reaches out just in time and brings you in into his arms to stabilize your balance.
“See? What did I tell you? You're making me nervous over here with your clumsiness.”
“That was your fault! You stopped walking out of the blue!”
You try to pull back to look up at him but he holds on to you tighter, relaxing his body against yours. Your arms reach up and wrap themselves around him too as you breath in his heavenly scent. <<Dear God, please let me stay like this forever. Just let me melt into him like this. I'm begging please!>>
“What are you waiting for?” he breathes softly, low enough to come off as an airy whisper.
You finally manage to look up, “Hmmm?”
His hands slide up to either side of your face, holding you steady as he leans in when you look up and presses his lips against yours.
Your mind blanks out, but your heart responds with plenty of loud thuds. The warmness of his hands on your burning cheeks making you feel over heated while every ounce of oxygen slips out of your lungs. Your knees begin to tremble, causing you to lean further into him in order to support yourself up.
He pulls back slowly and smirks, “because I chickened out the last time you were in my arms like this.”
You blink twice, "what."
His eyebrows furrow together in frustration. "Yaah! I'm trying to be cute! Cut me some slack and accept my love!" He snickers playfully.
"Your love?"
TOP slides his hand down to your hand and coils his fingers around yours, "yup, now lean on me so you don't fall, or else I'll carry you all the way home again."
"You brought a car!" you protest.
He snickers again, "so? I'll leave the car here and take you instead!"
"Oppa, you're a dork," you smile.
"But you liikkeee?!" He retorts, making you giggle loudly.
"Yes, yes, I like very much."
The car ride wasn't like earlier nor was it like the one in the morning. TOP displayed plenty of more aegyo that sent you rolling with laughter and cherry red cheeks by the time you started to recognize the familiar neighborhood.
"Okay, I'll stop now, my cheeks are hurting from smiling so much," he confesses quietly.
"Good, now you'll understand how I feel," you grin.
He parks on the side of the curb and kills the engine, turning to look at you with his famous fox like smirk. "We're home now."
"Mmm, I see that," you reply, turning away to dodge his tense stare. As you turn away, you catch something moving in the bushes, making your body respond with shivers as you lean forward to get a better view at what it could be, instantly making out the outline of another human being.
"What is it?" TOP asks, following your gaze. He opens the car abruptly, making the person in the bushes stop moving then slowly turns towards car.
With the sun descending below the horizon, it wasn't until TOP fully hopped out of the car and shut the door with great force that the closest street light flickered on, exposing the last face you wanted to see in front of you.
The foreign man from the French restaurant.
Omo! :O
What's going on!? :O What's going to happen!? :OO Will you be okay!? Even after Tabii oppa confessed!? XD
Guess you'll have to stick around for Thursday to see what'll happen! :D
Note: **The reason Ghost is footnoted is because TOP often refers himself as a Ghost. It's a pun.... just making sure everyone got the pun.... :3 (#betyouwentbacktolook #betyourelaughingnow #ok,dontlaughwhatever......#pleaselaugh....<3)
Thanks to all for reading! :D
See you all soon! :3
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OMO! I'm all flustered just from reading about it, imagine if I ever actually met my sexy ghost. (Okay, our sexy ghost). Now back to work where they won't understand my distress. 😉😉😘😘😂😂👻👻
So much fluffiness until that guy had to show up and ruin it. Who is he? 😂
The cuteness level just blew up! I feel like it's awkward but at the same time awesome that I just want to throw my iPod across the room 😍❤️
Omg.. I would have instantly died when he kissed me.. I screamed just reading it.. Omg.. My UB is amazing.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💯😙
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