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I loved the series( I watched 3xs already :-p) but the ending leaves me wanting more
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@rositamendoza1, estoy de acuerdo. este drama lo he repetido 3 veces y lo seguire repitiendo. es espectacular! por el es que quiero mucho a mi papi chulo Lee Min Ho!!! @saharjalpari9, yes, in Southern California.
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the second part would be great, so would relate better the history and end the apoyooo them all a second part
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si por favor ♥ esperemos que si
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I think the second part will be great I can not waiting more
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this would be nice. if they'd make a SEASON 2 bec. all of their FANS here in PHILIPPINES are watching it.. all over and over again.. so if you will make a season 2 lets wait for oppa HYUN JOONG heehhehe saranghae <3
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