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I loved the series( I watched 3xs already :-p) but the ending leaves me wanting more
@Rona21 @dramacrazy JanDi wasn't given the chance to say ues. she was interrupted but Yi Jung, Woo Bin and Ji Hoo. I think she would have said yes! but I also think you're correct about Jae Kyeong and Woo Bin. if they ever decide to make a second season, I think they should all have someone, they all get married all together and have children at the same time as well but they all be girls. we have already seen the boys of the F4 now I would like to see the girls. I think it wiuld be really cute!!!!!
Wdnt it wd be soo funny and kool If jandi dumps gujunpyo and run 2 jihu sunbae in BOF 2 Lols just thinking love jihu sunbae and gujunpyo and jandi just love BOF ❤❤❤❤❤
this would be nice. if they'd make a SEASON 2 bec. all of their FANS here in PHILIPPINES are watching it.. all over and over again.. so if you will make a season 2 lets wait for oppa HYUN JOONG heehhehe saranghae <3
I think the second part will be great I can not waiting more
si por favor ♥ esperemos que si
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