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This is my entry for the EXO Fanfiction Oneshot Contest. This is my first ever fanfiction so I hope you guys enjoy it Cx

It is an angst fanfiction, and Lay (Zhang Yixing) from EXO is one of the protaganists in the story. The story is 1547 words long (I know, it goes over the limit, but only by 47 words!!)

Warning: This turned into a very....interesting story XD

My dreams were strange. In one dream, I saw a young girl running through the halls of a school. She stopped at the end of the hall and hurled herself through one of the classrooms. She stopped herself before crashing into the teacher, whose face was blurry and unrecognizable. Actually, all of the student’s faces were blurry, except for one. I could feel the girl’s heart racing as a boy with dark eyes and a very sweet face, smiled at her.
The dream went dark and the scene shifted. The next dream showed the young girl, a little older, sitting in a classroom filled with blurry-faced people. THe girl was doodling a picture of a boy giving a girl a rose, with hearts floating over their heads. The girl glanced up and looked at the boy with the sweet face who was across the room from her. As if he knew she was looking at him, he turned his head and stared directly at her.
The dream changed again, except the dreams became a jumbled mess. Scenes of the girl in the lunchroom, outside, in gym class, and other classes sped in front of my eyes. The only thing that remained the same in each scene was that the girl was always looking at the boy with the sweet face.
Finally, the dreams stopped and everything went dark again. A new dream appeared, much like the first two. This dream showed a large, dark room with decorative lights and decorations hanging from the walls. Boys dressed in tuxedos and girls in puffy dresses were dancing together to make a huge cluster of blurry-faced people, in the center of the room.
The young girl was there again, but with her hair up in a fancy bun and wearing a beautiful dress. She was away from the group, and holding something in her hands that I couldn’t see. The girl was facing a pair of huge doors that had started to open.
The sweet looking boy walked in, except he was different in this dream. He had grown up and now, not only was his face unbelievably sweet looking, he was incredibly handsome. I could feel the girl’s heart race. The girl smiled and opened her mouth to call out to the boy, but her words caught in her throat.
A girl, whose face was not blurry but instead stunningly beautiful, walked in behind the boy. She was truly gorgeous with her beautiful eyes and features. The boy looked back at the beautiful girl and took her hand as he smiled his sweet, caring smile at her. The young girl hung her head as the beautiful couple walked past her, the boy never looking at her.
Tears started to stream from the girl’s eyes as she ran out of the room, dropping whatever it was that she was holding. The scene focused and I saw that she had been holding a single red rose. And then I woke up.
“So you had a dream about your first love?” said Rachel, my best friend.
“Ya, it was really weird,” I said, rubbing my face.
“You really need to get over this boy.”
“It’s been years since I last saw him,” I scoffed. “I’ve been over him for years!”
She smiled and rolled her eyes, “Whatever.”
“But don’t you think it’s weird?” I said, seriously. “It’s been years since I’ve even thought about the guy.”
She gave me a caring smile and said, “Not at all. You were insanely in love with the guy. It broke your heart when he didn’t share your feelings.”
“That’s not true,” I said, softly.
“You know it’s true, and dude,” she took my hand in her’s and looked me straight in the eyes. “You’ve never even had a boyfriend yet, or ever felt the same way about anyone like you’ve felt for Yix-”
“Don’t say his name!” I screamed, interrupting her and pulling my hand away from her. She looked hurt, but continued smiling at me, “See? You won’t even let me say his name.”
I sighed and buried my face into my hands, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just...I don’t know. I guess I never really got over Yi-Yixing.”
Her smiled grew when I said his name, “Well, I better head to work. You know how the boss gets even if I’m a second late.” We hugged and she waved goodbye before disappearing out the door.
I snuggled up against my comfy chair and hugged my legs to my chest. Zhang Yixing, or as he was better known as by his friends, Lay. His name just felt….wrong to me, even though it’s been years since I last saw him. God, I really needed to get over that boy, it’s not like he was ever mine to begin with.
It was eleven at night, and I had been staying up watching the final episode of Boys Over Flowers, when someone rang the doorbell. Finally, I thought Rachel was never going to come back. I paused the TV and quickly jumped up so I could open the door.
“Hey Rach-” my breath stopped short. Instead of seeing Rachel, standing in front of me were three tall, muscular men wearing all black, including black masks that covered their faces. I tried to slam the door shut, but a strong hand grabbed the door and stopped me. I ran back into the house and tried to look for a way out. One of the men grabbed me and threw me hard against the side of the couch. I watched as one of the men went to block the front door, while another one went to search the rooms. The third one stood right in front of me.
Before I could even attempt thinking of an exit plan, the man said, “It’s you.” in a very surprised voice. My eyes grew wide as he took off his mask and I recognized who he was.
“Yixing!” I said, my voice sounding like a stranger’s. He looked older and much more handsome than he did in the dream. His hair was dark brown and messy, and his sweet face was confused as he continued to stare at me. My emotions twisted and turned inside of me. I didn’t know if I should be happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, or….or scared!
Before I could decide what to feel, Yixing pulled a gun from his belt and pointed it at me, his sweet face now dark and emotionless. It felt wrong, very wrong, seeing him this way.
“Would you like to know why I’m here?” he asked, his voice harsh and dangerous. “I’m here to kill you.”
Tears started to fall down my face, and my mouth tried to speak but couldn’t.
“Go on, say something!” he spat.
Finally, I said, “B-but I-I…” Before I could finish, he screamed, “What? You love me or something? Ha! You still haven’t gotten over me?” I didn’t say anything, so he continued, “Ya, you didn’t know? Of course I knew you were desperately in love with me. You were so obvious, it was hilarious!”
Tears started to fall even faster, and hysterical sobs shook my body. I was going to die. He didn’t love me. I don’t want to die. He never loved me.
He put the gun to my head and screamed, “Stop it! Stop crying!” But I couldn’t. The tears kept coming.
Then he did the unbelievable. He pulled the gun away, fell to his knees in front of me, grabbed my face, and then he kissed me. I was so surprised and scared that I didn’t even attempt to pull away until he did. He stared into my eyes, smiling his sweet smile which had returned. He looked like his sweet, old self again. He tore his eyes away and pulled me into a hug. I could feel the beating of his heart.
“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice quiet and full of sweetness. “I didn’t mean to yell, it’s just that the thrill of the job makes me overreact a bit.” I didn’t know what to say. Here was the guy I was madly in love with who, just moments ago, had wanted to kill me, and now he was hugging me! I was speechless.
He pulled away from me and stood up. He wiped his face with his arm, and I noticed that he had been crying. “I-I lied,” he said not looking at me. “I did love you, but I only noticed my feelings for you after it was already too late.”
He turned to look at me and I watched as a single tear fell from his dark eyes as he pointed his gun at me once again. “But it doesn’t matter. I still have to kill you.”
I always thought of Zhang Yixing as a rose. He was sweet and innocent as a flower, but sexy and handsome as the color red. That’s why I wanted to give him a rose when I confessed my love for him. He might be as pretty as a rose, but I should’ve known. Even roses have thorns.
Bang! The sound of a gunshot rang through the night.

Soooo you're all probably thinking, "What the fu-!?" Well me too. I did not see how this story was going to end until I was actually writing the story, and when I finished it I was baffled. I did not see this coming!!!

I hope the story was not too weird for you guys and I really hope that some of you actually enjoyed it. Again, this story was written for the EXO Oneshot Fanfiction Contest and is my first ever fanfiction that I have written.

Please give me some feedback. Tell me if you loved it, hated it, kind of liked it, or something else. Feedback is always appreciated ^-^

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