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Because Save Me was shot in one long take with the camera constantly moving and spinning, the way that they had to film was...interesting.
When not on camera, the boys had to run frantically behind the camera man to stay out of the shot and they look absolutely RIDICULOUS.
I love it so much hahahhahaha

Just start watching at 1:35 and see for yourself :')

I will never see this video the same way again ;")

Omg I love them so much. Now every time I watch the Save me MV, I'm going to picture them behind me. 😂
Agh!! Died!! Been a while since I heard them talk lol forgot how deep Taehyung's voice was for a bit.
This is the best 😂I do wanna know how none of them tripped though?
They seem to like single take concepts. Parts of Dope were filmed in this manner as well.
I still see Save Me the same way as I did the first time I saw it but this was funny and it would be hilarious to watch the whole group migrating behind the camera the whole time during filming. I love this song so much!
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