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Well this is funny that we are bouncing it back and forth super fast...but I received a text saying 'I don't want it I'm giving it back to you' so now I respond to that text ' no you are stuck with it' and it's back in @SweetDuella court....hehehe

If you missed the last chapter that was update a few hours ago click here
They were almost back to the building when Bella turned to Eliza.

"Want to try something new tonight?" She asked walking backwards.

"What's that?"

"strip club?"

"Is it a guy strip club?" Eliza asked

"Probably not...hold on." Belle pulled out her phone and looked up the strip club she heard off. "Ok so it's mainly girl strippers but it has a few guy strippers tonight." Belle said turning back to walk forward.

" we have to?" Eliza asked

"We should have a guy go with us." Belle stated and then smiled. She left Eliza walking as she ran up to the group in front of her.

"This girl!" Eliza said shaking her head.

She watched as she tapped him on his shoulder and he turned to her and she whispered into his ear. After a few seconds he nodded his head then she went to another one and did the same thing and he also agreed then she skipped back to Eliza.

"Well I got 2 guys that will go with me since you don't want to."

"I'll go I never said I wouldnt." Eliza said.

"Yay!" After a little bit longer everyone went back into the building minus Eliza and Belle and the 2 guys that said they would join. They took a taxi and talked the whole way.

"Have either of you been to a strip club before?" He asked

"Nope." both girls said

"I'm sure he hasn't either." Eliza pointed to the younger one.

"Hey!" He said causing the girls to laugh.

They arrived and got out of the car. The 3 who hadn't been to a strip club were a little hesitant.

"Come on you asked us here let's go." He said grabbing Belle's hand.

"Hobi I'm not ready yet." She whispered.

"Too late JK come on" Jhope said behind her and Jungkook grabbed Eliza's hand and pulled her in.

"We will be awkward together." He said to her as they entered the building. They picked a seat and sat down. They were sitting pretty close to the stage.

"Please Oh please no boobs in my face." Eliza said which caused Jhope to laugh.

"Your lucky there are guys here too. Otherwise you woukd have girls all over you." Jungkook said

Finally the show started and when it did then did the girls relax they watch the girls dance and were mesmerized.

"Dude I can do that." Belle said

"Yea why don't you go up and do it?" Eliza said with a laugh.

"Is it amateur night?" Belle asked and Eliza looked around and saw a sign.

"Ha your lucky it is." She said pointing to the sign. This caused Jhope and Jungkook to look.

"What? Youre going to try?" Jungkook asked with a head tilt and Belle nodded.

After the girl dancers got off the stage the announcer asked if any ladies want to try. Belle stood up and walked to the booth and he announced that they had a few ladies going onto the stage. Belle got on the stage and when the music started she did her dance moves but with the pole. When she finally looked over at the group she came with she winked and finished up. She ran off the stage so fast and sat down next to Eliza.

"Wow" The guys said.


"I'm glad you're one of our dancers." Jungkook said causing her to blush.

"Was that fun?" Eliza asked

"Actually yes, I was confident up there but when I came down I got shy." She laughed.

Then the guy dances came up and Belle and Eliza we're blushing hard core. They glanced at the guys and saw the look on their faces, they were analyzing the guys movement.

"I can do better." Jhope said and right when the dancers were off he was running up stage to show his awesome moves. He did have some moves and the girls were enjoying it. He came down after his song and was all cheerful.

"I hope Noone noticed who you were." Eliza said causing everyone to stop and think.

"Nah they would have been screaming and tackling him by now." Belle said.

"Just in case." Eliza pulled out her makeup bag and started adding freckles to the boys.

"Shes well prepared. " Belle said getting up and going to the bar to get drinks. Jungkook followed her. She ordered beers for everyone and Jungkook took 2 while she carried the other two. When they turned around there was a guy grinding up on Eliza and a girl all over Hobi.

"I'll buy you a dance" Eliza said waving over a dancer.

The dancer came over and accepted the money and started dancing on Hobi. Eliza felt a bit awkward watching so she waved a guy dancer over. She almost died from the heat the guys body was letting off of himself. She couldn't help herself and touched his chest and abs.

"Ha let's wait a few." Belle said taking a sip of her beer. The music was good so she swayed there.

"You know I think I beat you at eating more meat." Jungkook said to her.

"I doubt" She started to blushing. She was going to say something dirty and although she was the same age as Jungkook she didn't want to say it to him.

"plus what? We're you going to say because you're a girl there's another type of meat I can't eat." her eyes popped out of her head and she started coughing. She tried to drink her beer to stop. He laughed.

"I knew it. You're perverted."

"Oh youre peverted too. Just for that you're dead." Belle walked over to the dancer that just finished with Jhope and paid for a dance for Jungkook. He sat down not thinking anything was going to happen and when the girl started dancing he started blushing. Belle wanted to keep watching but felt Un comfortable all of a sudden and she turned away. He was probably enjoying it as well.

After a little bit they all left the club and talked about how it was completely different from what they were expecting and very embarrassing for those who didn't have a dancer. But on a plus note Hobi and Belle made extra money for going on stage.
I wonder would this be very awkward?

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