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So, it has come to my attention that someone hacked into GD's personal Instagram account and it leaked photos of him and Nana.
After that, GD posted to his public account this photo.
Let me just say, hacking into someone's personal account is not cool. Like f'real bro. Come on. Second, I don't know why everybody has such a big problem with him dating. The media is making such a big deal about it.
I love GD, & the LAST thing I EVER want to see is him being unhappy. He's 28 years old for God's sake, let him date. A lot of fangirls claim that "Oppa is mine!" But realistically, no, he is not yours.
Point being, Nana may be a very special girl to him. So please - If you really love GD, support him & his girlfriend (if she is in fact his girlfriend). Just leave him alone, give him some privacy, & respect him. It breaks my heart to see him unhappy
Look. Let's face facts. GD is so huge that he (and the rest of big bang cause 100% real here) are basically gods. Let him be human be simple be happy. It's gotta be hard work even doing the most basic things. And he does so much the boy doesn't stop. Let him be happy. Plus if he's happy he's going to be more capable of being the GD we all know. Let him be happy. Plus they look cute. Romantic relationship or nah.
let him live his life. damn.
okay the hacking part aside can I just say how cute gd looks with his bae. Also she sort looks like the female version of Hakyeon.
I agree people should not hack into idols account. They need privacy