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So until further notice, they are grounded! They have been hanging out to much together! And planned to do this dark concepts at the same time to slay everyone in the world! So with the power invested in me, I am groundling them! They will be sent to their rooms with no phone, no computer, or any device that allows these two group to talk. Even the cans attached to wires are not allow. I can't with these two groups! Seriously, I will not be surprised if some how they link them together, with how twisted bts videos been, I would not be shocked if in the next comeback after this one they link this to got7. Really I wouldn't! That be cool tho. Not gonna lie is that happened, I would die in the spot. But it's would be amazing. Anyways, what is up with these mysterious videos?!?? Like why?!?? My heart can't handle this!! Ugh
since when has kpop become so confusing
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I can't either! I'm lost in the bts wonderland and it's not fun at the moment!
kpop got me so confoosed I swear😂✨
Right. Like where am I?? What time is it?? What year?!? Why do this to me?!??
I'm reading and looking at the pictures and it looks like jr is so sad being punished
Well he should have stopped this! And he didn't! So he is in trouble