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안녕하세요 친구!!

Omo, finally the last 3 days have arrived of our lovely BTOB Bias week. ㅠㅠ Let's see here.
Día 5: -Any camera at my house (especially my brother's) reminds me of Peniel and his travel essential of having a camera with him. *no pic bc I assume we all know what a camera looks like right?*
Día 6: Bias Birthday -Soooo, our Chi Town Peniel Bae's birthday isn't until 10 March but this little oppa will receive the greatest and biggest love from me. *Long distance hugs all around* But this BTOB Bias week has been a great early present for me if I say so myself. **enjoy his pics**
Día 7: Selca Twinsies Ahhh, super excited because I thought I would totally have to recreate a pic of him but alas....we took one similar almost. Heading back home from a trip. (we both look tired) *Beauty first, beast second* ♡_♡
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