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Hey everyone, it's your girl Kim and hopefully this story would be considered an angst, but here's my entry for the EXO Fanfiction Oneshot Contest. I hope you all enjoy!!!!!! WARNING: DOES CONTAIN SOME SMUT!!!!!
A cool breeze made you shiver. You pulled your coat tighter around yourself. You walked along the streets of Chicago as you tried to forget the memories of him, but seeing billboards after billboards of him made it super hard. It took years to finally walk away after all the years of empty promises, but you felt a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. How could I let myself fall for you, you thought to yourself. You hastily brushed a tear that fell from your face as you continued walking down Chicago's Magnificent Mile. It all started when you got excepted for your internship with the top of the line fashion designer. Everyone was against you going, but you knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that you could not pass up. You packed up your belongings and made the drive to New York city. Once there, the director was very impressed by your skills of a designer that he wanted you to do a line for New York fashion week. You quickly obliged, excited for the task at hand. The only thing you had to pick out were the models, which your director was giving you full reins. You decided to have hold a casting call one month before fashion week. Little did you know he would come. It was the end of the day and you were down to the final group of the day. You were hopeful that you would find the last piece of the puzzle. Will the last group please come in. You sat up in anticipation on what was to come. One by one, the models walked in and one in particular caught your eyes. He had a smile that lit up his face when he smiled. You scooted closer to the table, intrigue by his features. Once the models were in their places, you called them one by one to see what they offered. You finally got to the guy with intriguing smile. State your name, age please. Junmyeon, age 26. As soon as those words left his lips your heart fluttered, sending goosebumps all over your body. You wanted to see how he would look in your clothes, let along on how well he walked. You then realized that he was the missing piece as he walked past you. Junmyeon looked over towards you and flashed his bright smile at you. Your heart skipped a beat as your face turned beet red and you immediately looked down at your papers. Your teammate looked at you, witnessing the whole thing and whispered, "Just be careful with this one." Two weeks before fashion week and you were in a frenzy. All but one of your pieces came in but one and you were worried that it would not come in time. You rushed over to the studio where the models you've chosen were waiting. Your director gave you a stern lecture after running a few minutes late. It won't ever happen again. You immediately went to work to make sure that the clothes fit properly on each model. When you reached Junmyeon, he took your hand and you immediately felt a spark go through you. You can only gaze at him while he smiled at you. Personally, I didn't think you were late, Miss. You looked down as you blushed. Wwwhhat size pants are you? A chuckle escaped his lips and smiled. Whatever size you give me will fit. You instantly felt your body heat up and quickly thrusted the clothes in his hands and quickly walked away. At the end of the night, you were gathering the clothes together out of each dressing room. Need some help? You turned around and saw Junmyeon standing in the doorway with some clothes in his hands. You nod your head yes, not trusting your voice. You both worked in silence until Junmyeon asked you how long have you been a fashion designer. It was then that you were able to strike up a conversation with him. You both talked about your families, where you grew up and all other sorts of things. It was then that Junmyeon asked you out for coffee. You excepted and that was the beginning of your flirtation with him. Throughout fashion week, the two of you would constantly flirt with each other. By the the end of the week, you had invited Junmyeon to your apartment. No sooner when you both entered, Junmyeon pushed you against your door and kissed you with eagerness. You returned the kiss with just as much passion and started to rotate your hips on to him. Junmyeon then lifted you up and you instinctively wrap your legs around him. Your hands ripped open his shirt and you felt his hardness in-between your legs. You felt a fire starting inside you and you needed Junmyeon to extinguish it out. Before you could mention going to your bedroom, you felt a finger inside of you. You arched your back and moaned out his name as you felt another finger inserted you. As you felt his fingers inside you, you felt your stomach started to coil. Junmyeon must have felt you coming close to your undoing cause he immediately took out both fingers. You whined for the loss sensation that you were feeling, but your eyes rolled to the back of your head when you felt all of Junmyeon inside of you. The sounds of skin slapping against each other and moans could be heard throughout the apartment. With one final thrust, you can feel yourself so full of him. Junmyeon then carried you to the bed and wrapped his arms around you. You snuggled next to him and you both fell asleep. The next morning, you looked over only to find Junmyeon not in the space next to you. You notice a note next to your bed and reached over to read it. What you read made your heart drop. You instinctively curled up into a ball and started to cry. Two months later you ran across Junmyeon, only to find him with another woman. Your heart shattered into millions of pieces as you saw him get down on one knee. You knew she said yes, you didn't have to see. While your heart broke into pieces, your hand went over your stomach. You hoped to tell him from that night, but you suddenly realize that he would want nothing to do with the baby. Fast forward to the present, you were the CEO of your own company. You were happy that your love of fashion kept you focused. You and Junmyeon crossed paths many times but you kept your distance despite the fact that Junmyeon tried to talk to you. One fall evening in particular you decided to take a stroll out. You let your nanny know that you were just going to be a few minutes late coming home. You smiled as your daughter's face came into your mind. You knew that you couldn't completely erase Junmyeon from your mind, cause you wouldn't have the best thing that came into your life, your daughter.
Oh lord so help me please!
This was a good story but if you don't mind could you put a mature content warning on it please.
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Thank you for being cool about it.
Yes she had a baby woo hoo! this was good πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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I think he's now my UB!!!!!!