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Time for another KPOP QUIZ!

You know the rules:

1. Answer all 5 questions below before scrolling to see the results!
2. Leave your answer in the comments below!

Let's see who your VIXX BFF is :D


be sure you answered all the Qs before scrolling down!


Mostly As: Hakyeon

You are constantly dancing, wanting to have fun, and wanting to keep your friends happy. You're usually a leader of your group :3

Mostly Bs: Leo

You just want to chill and live quietly. Some people might think you and your BFF are a little snobby but thats partially because you're shy and partially because you two just enjoy peace and quiet.

Mostly Cs: Ravi

You're half super-chill and half party-animal. You're hyper when something you love is happening but the rest of the time you just want to reeeelax~

Mostly Ds: Hyuk

You little trouble maker! You're up to no good 90% of the time, but you're always an awesome friend to have around.

Mostly Es: Hongbin

You little cupcake! You love relaxing, exploring, and discovering beautiful things!

Mostly Fs: Ken

You're a laugh and a half and you are always thinking of others. You're a great pal to have around 24/7! Now go make me cookies!

Who is your BFF!?

I got a different letter for all of the questions..... Does this mean they are all my boyfriends? 😏
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I got Hyuk! β™‘
i literally got b,e,d,f, am i left out 😭😭
i dont have more of any letters...what does that mean?
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