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Chapter 28
~ 3 years later~ "Honey!!! Honey!!!" My mom was calling out for my dad. My mom, siblings and I were at the airport to pick up my dad. He went to america for some business. He walked over to us, giving my mom a tight hug and a kiss on the lips. He gave my sisters and brother hugs. When he turn to me, he gave me a small smile. "Hey dad" "Is that all I get? Is a Hey dad, come here give your old man a hug" He said as I was going to step back and refuse but he locked me in his tight grasp and hugged me. As I hugged him back, I saw them. Two Xerusian looking around. They caught there eye on two guys that started run. I quickly pushed my dad back. "Sorry but something came up and I need to go" I told my family, leaving them in confusion.  I sprinted in a run. I knew this airport like the back of my hand. I took turns and until I heard yelling. I knew I was in the right place. Standing there, I was able to catch my breathe as the yelling came closer. It wasn't long until a short guy that had a baozi face like bumped into me. "Looks like you need some assistance?" I asked him as he nod. I looked at the other guy. He looked like he came from a rich family. The Xerusian were now close infront of us. "Well if it isn't Prince Kris himself, being the hero for his brother's." The Xerusian smart mouth. I balled my fist as I snarled at the Xerusian. The Xerusian raised the hand that had his gun.  I quickly grabbed my brothers by the collar and took cover behind the wall. "We need a plan" the rich guy said. "Yeah like that worked well the first time Suho"  baozi said. "Oh like you have a better plan Xiumin?" He said. "Guys this is not the time to argue. Will just use our powers." I told them as I tried to break their little arguement. They looked at each other silently then nod. We step out of our hiding place and faced the Xerusian. "What are you waiting for princes?" One of them asked as he walked towards us. Xiumin raised his hand and shot out ice frost at the Xerusian. The other two Xerusian followed behind the other one. Suho was throwing water at them as I lepted into fist fighting to one of them. Xiumin froze one and I took all of my will power to break through the ice to kill the Xerusian. I was able to retrieve his weapon as I attacked the other two and having them burn to ashes. The three of us were panting as we stood there after fighting. "Come lets go" I told them as I started walking. I knew they were following behind me. I was lucky my mom let me take my own car here. I took out the key to my car and unlocked it. They followed my action by getting into the car. The radio was playing quietly as we all sat in silence. I finally pulled into the drive way were I saw that my family was home. I always worried that they been killed by Xerusian when I get home. We all got out of the car and headed inside. "Mom?" I called out to her. "Yi Fan?" She came out of the kitchen and rushed towards me. "Where did you go Honey?" She asked me with concerned laced into her words. She looked to the side of me and saw my brother's. "Hello I'm Kris's mom and you are?" "It's a pleasure to meet you Ma'am, I'm Suho and this is--" "Xiumin" Xiumin said softly giving my mom a small smile. "Oh well come in, I have brownies made" she said leading us to the kitchen where there was a fresh batch of brownies. She had the plate on the table with glasses of milk. We all sat down, Suho and Xiumin said their thank you's and nibbled on the brownies. I took a bite of the bownie and tasted the melted chocolate on my tongue. "So Xiumin and Suho how long have you known Kris?" My mom asked them. "We just meet an hour ago. He was saving us from the Xerusian" Suho said after taking another bite from his third brownie. "These are really good." He said as Xiumin nod. "Xerusian? So that's why you ran off?" She said then like a light bulb her face lit up in realization. "Your kris's brother's?" "Yes Ma'am. I'm the fourth prince as my twin is the fifth prince and Xuimin is the first prince" Suho explained. "Xiumin and Kris are twins. My twin has their other twin brother Luhan." Xiumin and I looked at each other. We were total opposite from each other for us to be triplets. "I see" my mom said before eating another bite of her brownie. We all got silent until my dad walked in with a simple shirt and jeans. "Honey are those brow-- who are they?" He asked while looking at Xiumin and Suho. "This is Xuimin and Suho, Kris's brothers." She told my dad as the realization hit him. He made an oh face and sat down at the table. "I'm glad your here. Cause I can tell you that I been looking for the siblings that are in the states and I found one but he disappeared. I'm sorry I wasn't able to find him." "Its alright sir, we will be able to find him. Thank you for looking we really appreciate it." Suho assured my dad. Has he been looking for my siblings behind my back. Was that why he would have odd business trips because he was looking for my siblings. "So what's going to happen now?" My mom asked. She her words were dull with sadness in between. My dad grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze. She looked up at him to give him a small smill, which he return one back to her. "I have to go with them." I didn't want to state the obvious but it was true. I had to leave her for my adopted family to be safe. My parents knew I would have to leave someday to save my planet from the Xerusian.  "When are you leaving?" "Probably tonight if we wanted too" Suho said. "Our other two brothers are waiting for us" "Can you stay for the night and leave tomorrow morning?" My mom asked as she was about to break down crying. I knew she didn't want me to leave, plus how will they break it to my adopted siblings that I won't be around anymore. The three of us looked at each other. In someway we communicate with our eyes to agree that staying the night wouldn't hurt. "Okay we'll stay for the night." Suho said to my parents as they looked some what relieved. I scooted my chair back. "I'll show you guys around." I told them as we all got up from our chairs, leaving my parents by themselves for a moment to cope. I led them to my room. When I opened my bedroom door, I saw my younger siblings sitting there on my bed. "Kris don't leave us!!" My sister threw herself at me with tears rolling down her cheeks. She held my shirt in a tight grip, covering her face in my shirt. I gentlely pushed her back so I could kneeled down to her level. "I have too, I'm needed somewhere else. But I promise I'll try to visit as often as I can." I told her an empty promise. It was the only way that I could tell her so can let me leave. Pulling her into a hug, my other two siblings attacked us. I knew my brothers were watching from a far. I was feeling bad thatbI had to leave them but I needed to do what I needed to do. And that was to leave them so I can be with my real family. Once, I was able to push them out of my room.  I shut the door with a heavy weight on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and leaned against the door. I sighed. "It will be hard to leave them. Just know the more you stick around the more danger they will be in." I nod, knowing that what he was say was true. How long would I be able to stay with out them being in danger of myself and the Xerusians. Stepping away from the door to my closet. I got out a duffle bag and started to pack of of my items in it. Hoping that this is the best decision I'm making to keep them safe.
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