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Kim Gu-ra has shown his disappointment towards IUs explanations about the incident with the picture with Super Junior's member Eun Hyuk. Kim Gu-ra said in a korean variety show "We didn't want to hear why she uploaded the picture and if it was a mistake or not." He also said "After being on the down low for a while after the incident all she could say about the situation was 'It was a mistake' is not reasonable." He also mentioned, "The audience doesn't want to hear the reason why she uploaded the picture, they want to know what is the relationship with Eun Hyuk, but she didn't want to talk about it, of course." After she uploaded a picture on her twitter in her pijamas, next to Eun Hyuk they did their best to cover their tracks by saying that it was a hospital visit. The audience did not believe nor did the netizens. What is going on T.T Why are these coming back again....leave Eun Hyuk oppa alone!! T.T ~~
don't worry about them... if they are dating whatever... but IU should have been straight forward and not try to cover up everything
@ceci91107 i agree T.T He just want to create controversy and get attention because no body likes him anymore -_- !!! He is so mean ..
I really don't like him. All he does is bring up old news just to get people worked up again.