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Daesung Live on V-App (Replay)
YYAAAASSSSS!!!!!! I Can Rewatch it!!!!!! Forget that Daesung is a playboy, he is a big ol ball of sunshine with his goofy self. Do you think you can beat him in any games??? You can watch videos on V LIVE. http://www.vlive.tv/video/12292/ Tagging the BigBang Mods: @BBxGD @catchyacrayon @Helixx @KwonofaKind @lovetop @phxcur93 @WendyNegrete Tagging my lovely VIP Buds: @BabydollBre @CielNiteMarez @isabelad09 @JaiiPanda @JessWang90 @Lexxcisco @lilbr0wneyes @MaggieHolm @Michellelbarra @Momina427 @Sailynn @Starbell808 @sukkyongwanser @Tigerlily84