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First tattoo I have gotten so far and before anyone tells me it's on the wrong side, it's supposed to be. I didn't want to copy Gray's exactly, but I wanted it in pretty much the same place since he's one of my favorites. Anyone else got some cool tattoos, anime-related or not?
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I have that same shirt 😂😂😂
mine are game/anime related. Buster Sword and Gunblade from FF 7 and 8
That's awesome. I keep thinking of getting a moogle or cloud riding a chocobo lol never thought of the weapons
I've got Garra's kanji on my arm, a Flamel from fma that I designed, the majin and 4 star dragonball from dbz and the laughing coffin logo from sao lol and a bunch of videogame tattoos. still trying to figure out what I want to get from fairy tail sooo many choices!
im so going to get the fairy tail tatto but im also thinking to get the tartaros one instead I cant decide ... nah Ill just toss a coin XD
hey how you doing