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This is my entry for the EXO Community contest! I went with the genre; Angst Note* This story sort of (just a small part) contains mention of slight drug abuse. It jumps from POV to POV Without actually changing POV. If that makes sense haha! Credit to myself and my best friend, for she helped me write this story. Overdose Mod and Mod Squad @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH @PrincessUnicorn @SarahVanDorn
Y/N paced around the silent house, her footsteps resounding throughout the empty place. She didn't want to believe that she was stood up- again. She tried dialing Baekhyun's phone again, but in a matter of seconds, it went straight to voicemail. Frustrated, she threw her phone on the couch and walked over to the kitchen table where different cuisines were placed. Her eyes schemed through dinner food she had prepared for her and her boyfriend. She sighed as she looked at the clock and noticed that it was close to being 11 PM. 'I hope he's alright...' she thought to herself. She put the food away and then went into the living room. She sat down on the couch and dialed one more time; but like the times before, it went straight to voicemail. She stretched her limbs and removed her high heels. She retreated to laying down, and she drifted of to sleep. Baekhyun arrived to her house an hour later, high, and smelling strongly of whatever he had decided to smoke that night. His intoxicated body leaned against the door in efforts of opening it before he remembered he had to twist the handle. Chuckling to himself, he entered the house and the strong smell of incense candles hit him. Y/N loved those and so did he. Baekhyun bounded off to her room before noticing her sleeping figure on the couch with the most beautiful red dress he had ever seen. That's when it hit him. Their date. "Damn it," he cursed under his breath. What excuse would he give her now? Baekhyun walked slowly towards her, kneeling next to her figure and kissing her cheek gently. Despite being how he was, he loved her. Feeling something on her cheek, Y/N opened her eyes. The smell of alcohol quickly hit her nostrils and she cringed a bit. She looked at Baekhyun, a small smile played on her lips before reality coursed through her brain- he reeked of disgusting smells. And then she realized- he stood her up for the third time in a month. Anger quickly set in and she pushed him off of her, she stood up and looked at Baekhyun's stumbling figure. Just a shrug was enough to have him extending his arms out for balance. She took a deep breath and talked in a quiet voice, "Where were you?" He looked to the door, feeling like a small boy searching for an escape when his mother asks if it was him that broke the vase. When he couldn't come up with anything, he sighed, "I was with the guys." She crossed her arms before asking, "And what were you guys doing?" He gave her a small smile before reaching out again. "Baby, come here," he said, trying to play it off. She shrugged his hand off and took a step back, "Byun Baekhyun. Answer me this instant." He looked at her desperately. "Y/N. Please." She sighs, "You didn't even remember today and you went with your damn friends." She looks down as she feels the tears threatening to fall. "I don't even come second to you, do I?" Baekhyun placed a finger under her chin and shook his head, "No, I'm sorry. You come in higher than second, you're my priority...I just. It was me, I forgot." Again, she pushes his hand away. "I'm your priority? You couldn't even answer the damn phone. You never learn, Baek. I'm waiting for you almost every damn night worrying if you're okay, even calling you, hoping that you'll come back to me in one piece. And then I find out that you went out with your friends to do get drunk or whatever it is that you do. I'm tired of this." She starts walking away but not before mumbling, "Get your things and leave." He chases after her like he's done for the past nights. Always. Always failing her, he knows. Always letting her down. But he can't stop. "Y/N, please, lets talk about this," he begs "You're mad, you don't know what you're talking about." "No Baek. I'm done with whatever this is. There's a suitcase in the closet." She walks into the guest room and shuts the door before Baek could get in. Baek looked at the door, this time really feeling like a small boy now, except the vase was really broken this time. End Of Flashback~ Lonely. That's how he felt; how he had always felt. Baek leaned on her favorite tree, what USED to be her favorite tree. She loved this park. She loved sitting here and singing songs out of tune. So many years since he had seen her. So many years without a heart. Y/N's fingers ran through whatever touched her as she made her way to the playground in the middle of the park. A small smile tugged on her lips as she found the person she was looking for. He looked up, could it be? She was so close, her hair was longer, her eyes brighter. She had matured into a beautiful woman. His heart leapt into his throat and he stood up, a small cry leaving from his breaths. He wanted to call her name, scream it. So close, yet so far. What would he say? Y/N's eyes lit up as she saw Jasmine run up to her. "Mommy! Mommy!" Jasmine extended her arms out to her, her hands stained with dirt. Y/N smiled and leaned down to pick her up. Jasmine squirmed a little as she adjusted comfortably in her mothers arms. Jasmine looked back as she saw her father, Yixing, running after her, his face was covered in mud and both females burst out laughing at his state. Yixing tried to keep an angry face on, but seeing the two loves of his life laughing, made it hard to keep his act and his dimpled smile appeared. He wrapped a hand around Y/N's waist and looked at Jasmine who was reaching out to touch his face. "Daddy! I wuv you!" Her three year old mouth confessed. Yixing laughed and kissed his daughter's face before planting a kiss on Y/N's cheek. He looked at the sight in front of him, and if his heart hadn't been broken, it really was now. She had moved on, he should've guessed. But he thought that if he hadn't moved on, maybe she wouldn't have either. How wrong he was. Her name was stuck in his throat, her, stuck in his broken heart. How sad it must feel, to lose the love of your life. But how depressing, to see her with someone else. Maybe that's why they say, You never know what you have, until its gone.