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The time has finally come for the grand finale of our Naruto Kage Battle Royale Tournament! Throughout the quarter, we've been facing the Kage of each of the five great nations against each other culminating in this final battle between the top 5 Kage! And so, without further ado, here is our lineup!
Rather than outlining their abilities again, I've hyperlinked the preliminary rounds if you wanna read up on that or check out any debates which may have broken out in voting!


Round 5: Hokage Battle
Last week, the Hokage finally had their turn to face-off, and boy did it heat up! The top 3 Hokage were only separated by 1 vote, but Naruto takes the ramen!

Fifth Kazekage - Gaara

The only Kazekage to receive any votes, Gaara was the undisputed champion of this round! Though he didn't need Shukaku in the Kazekage battle, he will have access to his jinchūriki abilities.

Fourth Mizukage - Yagura

While Yagura received just over half the votes in this round, the others were thinly distributed among the other Mizukage, so he easily took down the rest with his mastery of Isobu. As in the Mizukage battle, he will not have access to the regenerative effects or Sharingan and Rinnegan given to him through the Reanimation Jutsu.

Third Raikage - A

While the Fourth and Darui received a few votes, the Third Raikage overwhelmingly took this round! Once again, no Edo Tensei regeneration allowed.

Fourth Tsuchikage - Kurotsuchi

This first round was a small one, and it came down to Kurotsuchi and Mū, the Second Tsuchikage, but Kurotsuchi came out on top! Let's see how she stacks up with these Kage!

Who Wins?

Comment how you think it would go down and who would win! Your votes will determine who comes out on top as the Ultimate Kage Champion!
This is the last battle for this quarter, but if you'd like to check out some of out other weekly battles, you can check out the Naruto Battles! collection!
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Naruto or Gaara
Yea, Ima have to say Naruto.
Naruto solos!