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For some god known reason I get really jelous hella easy not because of boys because of my friends thats why.Its because I see them with their other friends and I watch because I dont feel like leaving ,and they look like their having the best time of their life but when they come back to talk to me it looks like their suffering just being near me and that kills me inside it makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong or am I just over reacting . When I'm with my friends I treat them like princesses because I love them like if I had my own children .I'm just really confussed because I dont feel ,that same love back .Im just really really really confused if theres something wrong with me or do ,I do things that they dont like .Its just my anxiety and insicuritys really show in these situations and then I just shut down. Tell me your opinion be 1 million percent honest because I wanna know so I can fix this or make it better. – Bibochan
I'm the same as you are. I get jealous of my friends when they go and hang out with others. It's human nature and it doesn't really help that I'm a possessive person by nature as well. I think it's okay to feel jealous when they hangout with other people. I would ask them "Do you like hanging out with me. Honestly" Life is to short to try to make something work that isn't going to work. I'm not saying it's going to be easy because it's not.
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You're welcome😄❤
well maybe the issue is that your are trying to hard. like you said you treat them like princess. Just be you, and remember a friends is suppost to make you feel good and you made them feel good without trying your own personality should make them feel amazing to be around you.
Okay thank you sooooo much I really appriciate this I'll try my absolute hardest .Im kinda shy so ,when I meet new people I want to show them how much I care and that I want them to be comfortable around me and have a good time .I'll dile it down a bit and just be comfortable as myself 😊once again thank you