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That's a good question! I been thinking about it for some time now and it may have a few similarities. Though, BTS are very unique from other kpop groups, every concept they come out with is different and it keeps on getting better every time. See, that's one of the reasons why I love and stan them, They make great music. Anyway let me get to the point!
Mini Facts: •Dark & Wild is their first studio album and was released on August 19, 2014. •Contains 14 tracks; 'Danger' being the title track. The Dark & Wild concept was the stage that showed the boys going through their adolescence; going from innocent boys to mature men. The concept showed a bit of Angst, Love, heartbreak?, and other relatable issues we go throughout life. On the other hand..
On BTS upcoming 2nd full album, 'WINGS', I think one of their songs might show angst too. I say that because according to those 'WING' teaser videos, it's all based on the book, Demian by Hermann Hesse. And that my friend is real and deep, it shows angst if you think about it. You read the theories. And of course its a good probability there will be songs related to love right? Well it doesn't matter because everything they throw at is is good :) Everything isn't going to be dark because I know there is going to be some fun, upbeat, lit songs. But you understand what I'm saying right? That's just what I think.
By the way, According to the article on NAVER, Their 2nd full album 'WINGS' is expected to be out this October!!!!!!
Producer Philtre will be participating in their album as a songwriter. He is really known for his good work. I know this album is going to be AMAZING! Here is the trans from the article. 》Credit to ARMY BASE @bangtanitl on Twitter. 《
I am so geeked for Bangtan's comeback!!! I know their 2nd full album is going to be really awesome. Their songs keep getting better and better which makes my love for them grow even more everyday. Do you think 'WINGS' and 'Dark & Wild' will be somewhat similar? What are your expectations and thoughts on their comeback? Comment down below! Sources: (1), (2) *Photos, video, and gifs does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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