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Starting on 9/21

Day 1: Anime Crush

(Based on Marinette's crush on Adrien & Chat Noir's crush on Ladybug) I know you have one! lol β™‘

Day 2:

Favorite Shipping Moment

I don't care who you ship with who!

Day 3: MLB Puns!

(Based on Chat Noir) Only because I love him and he's a beautiful idiot

Day 4: Favorite Akumatized Villain

I know we all have a favorite villain that is just to your liking.

Day 5: Favorite side character

Come on! They need love to!

Day 6: Favorite Fanart/Comic Strips

I have so damn many it's unbelievable!

Day 7: Favorite MLB memes

I love this fandom! And the creator!

Miraculous Taggers ❀

Chat Noir Team (Cat and Bug Team) @Gracielou0717 Ladybug Team (Bug And Cat Team) @FirePrincess11 @KassiIverson

If you wanna be tagged let me know!

I wanna be tagged in everything!!
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I gotta ask, which team? Ladybug or Chat Noir?
I'm so excited!!!!!
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it's ok!! it would have taken me even longer! xd