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Look at Me Chapter 1/ ??? Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance and Hate? Warning: Language and Scenes Hello guys so this is my first ever fanfic so please support it!
"Well isn't it another day to wake up!" I said, as I opened your eyes. I got up from bed and walked towards my closet to change into my uniform. I liked the uniform it was a plane red shirt and blue jeans. I look at myself in the mirror, and noticed I had a pimple right in front of MY forehead. "Oh my gosh really" I said to yourself. What's the whole point of covering it up if I don't even go to school to impress anyone. Not even that why go to school if I don't talk to anyone! As I walk downstairs I saw my mom getting ready for work. "Hello [Y/N]! How is my baby doing?" "Hi mom! I'm fine I'm just going to school already" "This early? It's only 7:37. School starts at 8:10!" "Yeah I know but they give breakfast in the mornings at 7:45 and I want to eat there!" "Okay honey see you soon!" "Bye mom!" I walked out the door and said "this is a new year and a new me, let's just hope I don't do anything wrong" I started walking to school and checked my phone, it was 7:44. I just made it on time and realized that I should go to breakfast more often! I walked into school and saw everyone greeting, hugging and talking to each other while getting their breakfast. I awkwardly just walked past them to get my food because JESUS CHRIST I were hungry! I grabbed my food and sat down. My eyes widen to see how much food they gave me! But either way I ate it all. Once I finished I threw away my tray and walked to the front office to ask for my schedule. I was assigned to class 2-B. "2-B?" I asked myself. "This makes no sense usually it's always like English first then math etc etc" I bowed to the lady and left . Hmm room 27. As I looked for room 27 I saw many people walking in the hall ways. I found class 27 and opened the door. I realized no one was in there. I took advantage of this because I get to pick a good seat. I decided sit close to the window but not to back and not to front but in the middle. I sat there until the school bell rang. I saw the students come into the class room. They will start stalking, however something got my attention. A girl was talking about me! So I decided to listen carefully without looking at them. "Omg who will come this early to the classroom?" She whispers to a guy. "Jessica stop it it's not of your business, maybe she's just a nerd" he whispered to her. "Excuse me did you just call me Jessica!!!" Jessica said loudly. "Sorry. I meant to say babe." He said sorrily to I guess so girlfriend of his. I decided not to hear any more of this because I'm not wanting to come here and deal with this bs. "Hello class please take your seats! My name is Mr. Kim! And I will be your teacher for your first half a day then you will have Ms. Kim for your second half does anyone have any questions?" he said. Someone raised their hand. "And no me and Ms. Kim are not married!", Mr. Kim said and the guy lowered his hand. The whole class laughed loudly and I decided to giggle. The whole first half of the day was easy lectures. I felt this school year was going to be good. Not great or fantastic but just good. Then the bell rings. "Okay class that the bell, please go to your lockers you were assigned to leave your belongings and please have lunch to continue your day. Ms. Kim will be waiting for you here when it's time to come back", Mr. Kim said. Everyone bowed to him as they left. I looked at my paper. 'Hmm locker 264' I though to my self "Where is locker 264?" I said to my self. "Hello do you need help finding your locker?" A guy said to me "Um hello, and yes. It's 264 but I don't know where they start or end or anything" "Here follow me I know where it is" I followed him. "So are you new around here?" He said "Yeah I am! Even if it's my last year of high school but new to this." "Hmm I see it's my last year too, the students here are arranged differently! The freshmen are in the 5th floor, the sophomores are in the 4th floor, the juniors are in the 3rd floor and lastly us the seniors are in the 2nd and 1st floor" he said. "Wow! I never knew this. However it seem well. It's so organized!" "Yup! This way you can tell who's who. The other grades will never come to the 2nd or 1st floor. So we all know we are all in the same grade" "Well that's good to know this way I know who to become friends with" I said laughing "You have a cute laugh" he said shyly I didn't want to over think this and react like oh he's hitting on me so I said "Thank you" and bowed to him lightly We started walking in silence until we reach to my locker "So this is it! This is your locker number 264!" He said "Omg thank you so much umm I don't know your name to thank you properly. But for taking me here!" "Your welcome, anytime! And my name is Jimin." "Well thank you so much Jimin." I said as I again bowed lightly to him "Stop bowing! Your making me feel powerful" he said laughing "Oh sorry" I said as I was about to bow again but stopped my self "Well enough of that open your locker I'll stay here to help you if you need opening it" "Okay!" I saw the paper and it said '21-01-31' And you starting putting in the numbers to open the locker. Once it opened you saw how big the locker was! And right away put your belongings in and closed your locker. "Well that was easy" Jimin said smiling. "Yup. Well thanks again Jimin. But one more thing um where exactly is the lunchroom?" "It will be my pleasure to take you my lady" he said as he dramatically lead the way I laughed at the cuteness of his. We both walked to the lunchroom together and asked me if I had my ID and I nodded. He started explains to me where the line was and how I can choose between foods and they will scan my ID and I will be done after that. He grabbed me a tray and handed it to me. As I chose my foods he did the same. Then I scanned my ID and he said to wait for him. "So where are you going to sit?" Jimin asked me "Well I'm not sure since I'm new here" "Well come with me you can sit with me and my other friends! We always sit outside on the field" I nodded and I followed him. There was a round table with 10chairs. He told me to sit next to him and not to be shy. I sat down and a few seconds later 3 other guys came to sit with us. "Hey Jimin ! What's up!" One guy said "Hey nothing much I found a new friend she's new here!" "Yah, hello!" Another guy said "Oh I forgot to ask! What's your name?" Jimin asked me. "My name is [Y/N]." "That's a very nice name! My name is Hoseok!" he said happily "My name is Yoongi" he said as he held out his hand and I shook it "Well my name is Jin and my name is prettier than yours" He said laughing loudly and everyone laughed. "Yah hyung!" Jimin said. I giggle at his saying. After that we all began eating. Until two more people came to sit down. "Hello guys!" He said. "Hello" everyone said. As both of them sat down. And one of them decided to sit next to me too. "And what's your name?" One of them said. "Her name is [Y/N]!" Hoseok said without letting me speak and I laughed. "Well it would be nice if she answered on her own Hoseok I know your happy but chill! So my name is Jungkook! Nice to meet you." He said "My name is Namjoon!" The other one said. "Hi nice to meet you guys!" I said waving hi to them. "Namjoon where's Taehyung ?" Jungkook said "I don't know maybe with his stupid girlfriend of his" Namjoon said. "I don't know why he's still with her! She cheating on him multiple times!" Jimin said "Oh honey that's true! That why I'm waiting until college to find my self a girl" Jin said. I stayed quiet eating my food because I was hungry and plus I didn't want to get involved in any ones else's business. "What do you think [Y/N]?" Hoseok asked me. "Well I don't want to be pointed fingers at but it's his decision if he wants to continue. If he feels it's the right choice then just let him be. One day he will get really hurt and turn her down. He just hasn't seen it yet I guess." I said while eating my salad. "AMEN!!!!" Hoseok yelled . Which made everyone laugh. Then I saw the girl named Jessica come sit in our table and then a guy was behind her. I guess that's Taehyung? "Hey guys!" Jessica said while sitting down. Then I guess Taehyung sat down too. They all ignored her and started talking me asking me where I lived before coming here. Which made me cause to laugh because it was cute how they weren't lying that they hated her. "Well I used to live in America before coming here. I lived in Chicago. However, I learned so much of your language that I decided to come here and study" I said while looking down at my food and picked up my orange juice . "That's interesting! I guess I found my self a chi girl!" Hoseok said I giggled. "Hey! I saw her first!" Jimin said laughing "But she likes me more!" Jungkook said "Can y'all shut up I bet we're making her uncomfortable" yoongi said laughing and gave me a wink. I got red and looked down but happily I went back to my normal color. "Well can you guys introduce me to your little playing doll here" Jessica said. "I'll do it!" Jungkook said "Her name is [Y/N]. And she doesn't like you." As I was drinking my orange juice I spit it out and I shook my head. "No that's not true! I um barely know you!" I said "Well that's good to know. Maybe we can become friends if I assume" she said angrily. "Well hello [Y/N]. My name is Taehyung." He said "Oh and he's my boyfriend just letting you know okay bitch." Jessica said looking at me and then kissed him on the cheek. "Okay" I said and continued eating my salad. "Don't call her a bitch you slut. If anyone can call her that it's me because she likes me and besides I wouldn't even call her that because she's nice" yoongi said to Jessica and she stood up and left the table. Everyone stayed quiet. Until Namjoon broke the silence. "So [Y/N], how long do you tend to study here or stay here in Seoul?" He said "Well I want to stay here forever because I want to discover new things in life" I said. "That's interesting, we can show you around if you want to!" Jimin said "Sure that would be really nice of you all" I said "Sorry about my girlfriend" Taehyung said. "Um that's okay I guess no worries." "And sorry for calling you a nerd too and letting her talk behind your back. I won't let that happen again." He said and stood up to throw away his tray and left. "Well that was the first time I ever heard him apologize to a girl!" Hoseok said. Then a bell rang . "Well that's the bell saying we only have 10minutes left we should get going to our classes!" Namjoon said . We all agreed and threw our trays. Then they all noticed I class with all of them! "This is amazing! We all have same class with the new girl!!!" Hoseok said cheerfully "Hey hoseok!" Yoongi said. "What?" Hoseok said "You should become a cheerleader" We all laughed and entered the class and hoseok began hitting Yoongi. When I sat back down to my seat I noticed all of them sat behind me next to me and in front me. "Hey we all sit close to you!" Jungkook said. "I know how am I gonna be able to deal with you all?!" You said playfully And everyone laughed. Later I saw Taehyung walk into the room and sat next to Jimin who was sitting in front of me. "Ey Taehyung where's your little girlfriend or yours huh?" Jin said "Yeah where's the slut l?" Yoongi said "Yeah the slut who called the pretty girl a bitch?" Jungkook said He turned and made eye contact with me . "She's no longer my girlfriend. I have other goals in mind." He said and turn
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