The next morning, I woke up to see her lovely face. Her prettily closed eyes warmed my heart, the nose that held the sweetest breath made me smile and her cute volumized lips gave me temptations to give a sweet kiss. I caressed her face slowly and her eyes slid open. "When did you wake up yoongi?" "Right now." She giggled and snuggled closer. "Hee hee What were you doing waking up earlier?" "I was admiring your beautiful face" She laughed even more. "Yoongi, you're..." "I'm?" "You're the most strongest force that's making me move." I looked at her a little confused and she looked up, sensing that I was a little unsynchronized in thought. She stared at me and smiled slowly. "Your forehead is not revealed much, but I know there's something behind your mystical and mischievous hair." I smiled and she kissed my forehead. "Your eyes are caring, motivating me to care for you." She kissed my eyes. "Your small nose makes me want to protect you" She kissed my nose "And your lovely little lips carry around the gummy smile, Making me want to carry you around my pocket everyday." And she kissed me slowly and sweetly on the lips. "Yoongi, you are my life." I stared into her dreamy eyes. And I kissed her passionately, cupping my hands on her face. She followed along quickly. "Y/n, you're my life also." I pulled her closer and she wrapped her hands around my neck. And we went on. My hidden feelings had a hard time in coming out. But, I did well letting it come out. Because, Y/n doesn't want it hiding anymore. THE END
Hey guys~ This will be the end of Hidden!!! Thanks for loving this fanfic, and there will be a new Yoongi fanfic replaced for mondays! Check my schedule for more info!
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