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Hey Hey, Who Are We Meeting Today?!

IT'S-A ME!!! @EllieNim, formerly know as @daniimals!!! I'm honored to have the privilege of being your Lead Monster for Anime here at Media Monsters!!!

Media Monsters Family CEO: @amobts Media Monsters Team: @MadAndrea @EllieNim @KokoroNoTakara @Helixx Monster Bloggers: @PrettieeEmm

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Writer @EllieNim, Anime Lead Monster

For my introduction, I'll give you a couple facts about me, and then the floor is open for you to ask all the questions you may want to ask and leave suggestions about content you want to see!! ^-^

Sound fair enough? Alright let's begin!!!

Fun Fact Number One!

The very first anime I ever watched was Sailor moon and it is still a favorite till this day! Excuse me while I flashback and sing the theme song in my 7 year old voice and imagine marrying Tuxedo Mask...

"Fighting evil by moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a real fight, She is the one named Sailor Moon!"

Fun Fact Number 2!!

I am a musician. I play violin, piano, recorder ( because we all had to learn it in elementary school lol ), and I am a singer.

Fun Fact Number 3!!!

I love playing all types of sports. I played tennis and soccer most of my life, while also dancing ballet and tap. I'm interested in a LOT of activities lol.

Fun Fact Number 4!!!!

I'm in love with Inuyasha. He is my husband for life and I can no longer hide it... ( Just don't tell my our CEO :3 )

BONUS! Inuyasha was the first anime that I realized was called "anime" and not just "the cartoons with action and violence" hahaha I learned something new that day and realized I had been into anime for a while and didn't even know it :)

Last Fun Fact!!!!!

The last amine I watched and finished was Noragami and Noragami Aragoto! I loved this series and I had waited a while to watch it and I was so glad that I picked it to watch! Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori are like the perfect trio and the chemistry between Yato and Hiyori is AHHHHHHH!! I haven't shipped an anime couple this hard since Natsu and Lucy, or Inuyasha and Kagome, or Kikiyo, or me, or well you get the point lol :P

That's all Folks!

There you have it!! That's just a little bit about me, and now it's all about you out there! Ask me questions if you want and let us know what you would like to see as far as anime goes!

Stay safe out there and come back to our world for out of this world content(;

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Omg I can't wait please tag me ^-^
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Nice to meet you!
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Welcome!!!!! Please tag me.
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Tag me? c: Great card btw!
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I'm in
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