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One of your hands was tied to the bed above your head, the other was free but laid still beside of your mostly naked body. You were wearing a black lace bra. The ones that look like it’s just lace covering you because the base is flesh toned, and panties to match.
The blind fold was around your neck, he had just tied it. You didn’t know when he was planing on using it but that made everything a bit more of a turn on.
“My baby girl.” Hyuk said as he looked down at your completed image.
Hyuk walked along the bed fully clothed. He looked casual but stylish and, of course; extremely sexy. His hair was done to perfection and you could smell his wonderful soap even if you closed your eyes and tried to think of something else.
Hyuk made it to the foot of the bed and grabbed your ankles. He slides to his knees and brings his chest to your feet to hold them. He inhaled sharply and sighed his exhale.
“There are so many things I want to do to you right now, Y/N ah.” He said as he looked into your eyes.
You wanted him to do all of them. You could feel your body demanding it. You pick your hips up a bit and he chuckles at your movement. Hyuk nods as he brings up one of his hands to your sex and pushes down until you’re all the way back against the bed.
“Okay okay.” He said.
His thumb started doing circles on your clit and you hum at the warm shivers that shoot through your body. Your hips push up again. This time softer, over and over as you quickly bring your lip into your mouth.
“I won’t tease you.” He says with a smile. Your eyes narrow as your thoughts race.
That didn’t sound like Hyuk
His thumb pressed down on your clit causing you to moan. He does it again and you moan harder. Again and your back starts arching. Once more and your legs start trying to push together, but his hand moves to hold down your thigh. You open your eyes to look at him.
“Well, not too much.”
Now that, sounded like Hyuk
Hyuk removed his hand from your heat and it suddenly became cold without him. He groaned softly as he lowered his head and kissed the lace design. You mewled as he kissed just above your waistband and bite your lip as he keeps coming.
Hyuk’s hands were up on either side of your head as his body slowly rose. You pick your chest up for his lips and he smiled as he kissed each of your breasts, while looking you in the eyes.
“Hyuk.” You whisper and he quickly brings his finger to your lips with a soft shushing noise.
His lips come to yours over his finger and he slowly pulled it down before gifting you with a soft kiss. It was honestly one of the best feelings in the world.
“I’ll take care of you, Y/N ah.” He whispers on your lips before bringing his lips back to yours.
You close your eyes into the kiss and Hyuk moves to deepen it lightly. His tongue eased against yours with a curious care. His hand came to the side of your face and you brought yours up to his shoulder. You followed the soft material of his shirt to the back of his neck.
You moaned into the kiss and Hyuk groaned. His hand ticking down your stomach and cupping your sex. You moan onto his lips again and then a knocking sound causes you to gasp away from his lips.
Hyuk didn’t take his lips off of yours though. He finished the kiss before backing up. His head turned toward the door and he looked down at you with a smirk.
“The guys are here.” He said and you felt a small twinge of panic.
“No, no. Don’t be worried, baby.” He assured as he pet your face.
Hyuk took the blind fold from around your neck and pulled it up to your eyes carefully.
Another round of knocks went by and you bite your lip into the sounds.
“Touch yourself until I get back.” Hyuk ordered but you couldn’t move.
“Y/N.” His voice was low and rough and demanded you to obey.
Hyuk reached for your hand and placed it over your sex. He lined up your fore and middle finger to your clit and circled your fingers for you.
You moan with your mouth closed at the feeling and he groans again.
“Just like this, Y/N.” He says and then his hand is gone.
“Be a good girl and keep doing that for me.” You could hear the smile in his voice as he turned and opened the door.
You didn’t hear him close it though and the panic started to sink in again.
The main door opened and you heard two men greet your bf It was loud and your hand slowed with all of their sounds.
“Where’s Y/N?” Zico asked and his question was followed with silence
You bite your lip and your eyebrows push together.
“She has a tummy ache.” Hyuk said
“I’ll go check on her.” Hyuk said and then you hear footsteps getting closer.
“Tell her we hope she gets better!” Crush shouts after Hyuk.
Hyuk closed the door this time and you exhaled a relief.
“Why are you going so slow, baby?” Hyuk asked.
“I can hear them.” You said.
Your voice was on the verge of a whine and you could imagine Hyuk biting his lip at you.
“Here.” Hyuk said and soon he came to the bed.
The mattress dipped under his weight. His hand came to the back of your neck and you pulled your head off of the bed. Hyuk slipped headphones over your ears. You hear the static when he plugs them in.
“Hopefully this’ll help.” He says and then presses play.
You notice his voice immediately.
“Don’t come without me, but don’t stop either.” Hyuk’s voice overlapped his music and it was almost too sexy.
He put the headphone back onto your ear and you pushed your hand down to the place that was starting to tingle again.
Hyuk’s lips came to yours and you moaned in surprise but his lips muffled most of the sound.
The bed dipped again and you figured Hyuk was gone. You couldn’t hear the door close or open but your hand no longer cared.
You rolled your clit between your fingers and moaned. Quickly pressing your lips together with the thought of someone else hearing you.
Gauging your voice was hard. You knew the music was loud but you couldn’t really tell how loud. Your moans were inevitable.
You lowered your fingers down to your entrance and toyed with your rim. Trying to mimic the way Hyuk would do it with his tongue. The memory of Hyuk humming as he licked and teased your rim caused you to moan.
Your back arched as you pushed the tips of your fingers inside of you. Your other hand pulled at the restraints and you pulled yourself up on the bed a bit.
You pulled up your knees to go deeper and moan again. You couldn’t tell if you were louder, but whatever volume your voice was at. It felt right.
Your bottom lip found its way in between your teeth and you bite down onto it as your head pushes back against the wall.
The blind fold adjusted to your movement as you blindly looked down.
You groan with the feeling of your own fingers. Bringing them back up to play with your clit. It felt so good. So good, that you didn’t really care if anyone could hear you. Your body was starting to shake as you bring your lip in and you begin to explore your lower regions with animation.
Part of you wished that he hadn’t tied you to the bed. If he hadn’t, you’d be able to pull off your bra and touch your suddenly needy nipples.
You thought of Hyuk watching you.
You had just denied yourself an orgasm. There was no way of knowing if it would have been the best one you’d ever gifted yourself.
Your hand went back down between your legs you didn’t even have enough time to relax. You couldn’t help it. You needed to supplement yourself further.
The wall made your hair a mess and was loosening the blind fold around your eyes. It was now below your eyebrows and touched low on your nose. A strand of hair fell against your face and you quickly blow it out of your way as Hyuk’s voice in your ear.
His words were seriously intensifying your experience. You bite your lip as your fingers move to the quickening music. His tone getting darker. He had used that tone with you before. He used it when he told you not to come. Not to come without him. Yet, in a way he was here.
You snapped yourself away from your mutiny. Your fingers starting to go crazy and you got louder before reminding yourself to quiet down.
However, that was way easier said than done because your fingers weren’t giving up. They went harder and faster with every line of Hyuk’s song
You pull in your arm that was tied to the bed and your teeth find your inner elbow. You push your lips into your skin to try to hide your sounds.
You bite your arm and groan as you pull up your fingers again. Your other hand was in a fist and your entire body was quaking.
You panted and moaned as you feel your orgasm leave just as Hyuk’s new song starts. Your orgasm stayed for a moment. Offering to come to you if you just pushed your fingers in once more, but you had to let it go.
Even though your hand was shaking you lower it. You feel your core tighten around your fingers and wonder what it always feels like for Hyuk.
You push your head back and the blindfold falls from eyes and lays over your nose. Your hand stills as you see the muted chuckling boy.
A tent in his pants and by the looks of his hair, he had ran his hands through it quite a few times.
You wondered how long Hyuk had been there. Watching you
He nodded to your body and you started moving your hand again, but more carefully this time. He closed his eyes and nodded with a smile. He was praising you.
Hyuk pushed off of the wall and approached the bed. He Approached you. You could feel that you were breathing heavily, but there was no way of knowing how heavily.
Your boyfriends hands came to the headboard and he pulled them away
He kneeled down as your face turned to him. Question was thick in your eyes. You knew because you were thinking it so hard, he had to be able to tell.
“You want to know how long I’ve been here?” Hyuk asked with a nod. His voice low and rough and thick with desire.
You nod your head as you look at his hair. It looked as if he had even pulled on it a few times.
“Not nearly as long as I would have liked.” You bite your lip and Hyuk couldn’t hide his groan.
“Y/N ah.” He licked his lips as his hand came to your face.
He came up from the floor and tossed his leg around your knees. His hand came to your loose one and brought it up beside of your face. You were now tied and pinned and you loved it.
Hyuk’s lips came to yours and you instantly parted your lips for his honey flavored tongue. Your body was on edge, sure, but your lips had missed his the most.
Hyuk groans into your mouth and you push your head off of the bed to kiss him harder. You try to move your hand to his back but his grip tightens around your smaller wrist.
You looked at your hand beneath his. How his long fingers wrapped around your wrist like it was no larger than a hand held microphone. You moan at the comparison.
Hyuk’s hand tightens again as he moves down your body with an impatient groan. His other hand comes up to push at the base of your bra. As soon as one of your breasts was free his lips attached to it. Momentarily forgetting the other.
He groaned into your flesh and moved lower. His body allowing him to continue pinning you.
“Hyuk.” You say in a moan as he sucks and bites on your stomach.
“Oh, Y/N.” He groans as he comes away from your skin to breathe before quickly returning.
“What about the guys?” You ask, your hips pushing up against his wide chest without your permission.
“Y/N ah..” He said as he came back up your body with a smirk.
Hyuk brought his lips back to yours. His hand left your wrist and pushed into your lace panties. Hyuk groaned in your lips as his fingers found your wetness.
You moved your hand to the back of his neck and pulled him closer to your lips. His tongue teased yours and you moaned into his mouth at the feeling. You could feel Hyuk’s muscles through his shirt and suddenly wanted him out of it so much.
You whined against his lips and he groaned. His fingers finding your rim and petting it roughly.
He broke the kiss as he pulled his hand out of your panties. The soft snap making you whine. You bring your knees up in hope to squeeze them, but Hyuk flattens his hands on your knees. You were pinned.
“You don’t actually mind. Do you, Y/N ah?” He asked, already knowing your body’s answer.
He moved lower on the bed and grabbed the top of your waist. Hyuk easily picked your bottom half off of the bed and pulled down your underwear.
Hyuk opened your legs and used his strength to wrap them around himself before he started to take off his shirt. He pushed down on your legs so he could reach the button of his pants and once they started falling from his waist he pushed down on your thighs and came up to your face again.
“Did you stretch yourself out well, baby?” He asked.
His lips came to yours as he removed the rest of his clothing. You feel Hyuk’s hand at your core and you moan into his mouth. Then you felt his tip and you arched your back to moan as he starts to push in.
Hyuk grabs your face and pulls down. His lips coming to yours to muffle your moan. You feel a hot gust against your tongue that tastes like honey as Hyuk groans into your mouth.
He rocked into you and you press your lips together to quiet yourself.
You hummed with his slow but hard rock and Hyuk pressed his sounds into your neck and breasts. You could feel the vibrations from his growls.
“Shit. Y/N.” Hyuk groans into your collarbone.
His hand came up to your mouth as his hips picked up the pace a bit and you moaned against his fingers. Hyukl bites his lip and pushes his eyebrows together as he feels your moan in his hand.
His movements were absolutely amazing. Each one made your body feel a tightening bliss. You knew by the way your body was working with his that you would come hard around him.
He pushes in deeper, his hand tight around your waist. He pulls you into his thrusts and your nails push into his forearm. Hyuk lowers himself to your neck and quickly thrusts into you. Your moan shook through the room. It was the loudest sound you had made and Hyuk groans so deeply into your skin from it.
Hyuk twisted his body as his hand brings up your leg. You arch your back and close your eyes. Trying not to scream from the pleasure.
Hyuk’s hand grabs your hand and brings it to his mouth. He parts his lips and takes three of your fingers against his tongue. He groaned around them and you bite your lip as you watch him.
“You taste so good, baby.” Hyuk groaned as he snapped his hips onto yours and lowered his body again so he could hide against your face.
Your body lurched for his words as you staring reaching your max cap. You pull up your head into the crook of his neck as he continues this speed. You wrap your arm around his neck to keep him there as you moan and bite at his neck and shoulder.
Hyuk’s breathing and little grunts and groans were right in front of your ear. You arch your back under him and he groans again.
“Do you like this, Y/N ah?” He asked through his breath.
You nod under him as you moan again. You grab onto his neck and pull him closer. He rocks into you and you feel him. So deep inside of you. So hard and moving so harshly. You moan and then pull up your head so you can hide some of your sounds in his collarbones.
“Hyuk..” You moan into his skin and he groans again.
“Oh, baby.” He groans.
Your body twists under him and he adjusts easily to your movements. You press you lips together so you don’t scream at the amazing feeling he was pushing through your body. Your nails run across his back and he hisses.
Hyuk goes harder, making you whine as he does so. You hold onto him tighter and his grip on your waist tightens as well.
You start to moan with each of his deep hard hits. Your body more than willing to finally bloom for him.
“Hyuk.” You whisper and he comes up from your neck to look at you.
Hyuk continues his speed and hisses a groan at the image of you beneath him.
He brings his head back against your neck and you turn your head to give him room.
“Oh, Y/N ah!” He growls into your skin and your body couldn’t take anymore.
You feel yourself start to fall into your high and Hyuk moves quickly. He brings his hand up to turn your face under his and he presses his forehead onto yours.
He groans and you feel his air enter your parted mouth. His hips still moving harshly as you moan quite loudly onto his face.
Hyuk grunts as he’s stills inside of you. He falls into your body, and pushes into you a few more times as he looks up from your chest and pulls the ribbon to untie you.
He rolls off of you as you fully release yourself from the tie.
“Come here.” He mumbles through his panting as he pulls on your shoulder.
He holds you to his chest as he lays into the bed and breathes heavily onto the top of your head. Hyuk lowers himself and kisses your shoulder again and then again. His breathing echoing against your skin.
“What’s Zico & Crush doing?” You ask as you pull his arms around you tighter.
“Watching a movie.” He pants and you smile at how weak he was.
Hyuk was usually so full of energy and you had taken all of it from him.
“Do you want to go watch it?” You asked and felt as he shook his head above yours.
“No.” He said weakly.
“I’d rather get ready for round two.”
You smiled at his words and looked at the ribbon around the bed frame. You grabbed the red material and turned to face your boyfriend.
“Okay.” You agreed.
“But this time. I get to tie you up.” You said and Hyuk smirked at you.
He turned and suddenly his weight was on you. His hands found your wrists and pinned them above your head. His lips push against yours and then part with a loud sound.
“We’ll see about that.” He said with a smile and you smiled back up at him.


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