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I've been a member of vingle for just about a year and you people never cease to amaze me. I love how supportive everyone is even if most of us probably will never meet and have no other connection with each other. I hope this card isn't too silly, but my heart said to make it.
Everyone on this earth struggles with problems. Nobody is exempt, and to each person that is struggling, their struggle is the most difficult thing for them. Whether it is physical health, mental health, family problems, loss of loved ones, or abusive relationships, we all have been there in our own way.
This card is for everyone here who is there, has been there or will be there. Please have strength and keep fighting. We are all survivors of our own personal battles. Every day you wake up and continue is a victory. Don't give up, because this community has demonstrated again and again that they will fight with you. We are here together and that is why I love this community. credit to the awesome gif makers
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Thank you for this. Our Vingle Community truly is amazing and Vingle is a great place to be. I never expected to find a place like this on the internet, but I really am grateful I did.