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I saw a handsome commoner one day

I don't know why but something about him made me want to know more about him

I couldn't stop looking at him with such admiration.

I wanted to meet him

Days went by and felt myself falling for him, I was so mesmerized by him. His lips, those intense eyes, to his cute smile....... I indeed fell for him.

Jackson POV

Every time I met the beautiful prince known as mark I couldn't stop staring at his beautifulness that shapes his body and face as an angel from above. I wanted to protect him. I loved every second we spent together.

Finally I got to be with you (mark & Jackson say together) As a prince beside you

And I will always cherish the moment we kissed.

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Lol I was also searching where it was from @twistedpuppy
a year agoReply
@MaricelvaRomero we are so thirsty for bromance xD also nice imagine story
a year agoReply
I ...well.. I am just thirsty for Markson hahaa馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
a year ago
@twistedpuppy we sure are and thank you
a year agoReply
Awe! What a sweet fairy tale. That kiss was a nice touch 馃槈
a year agoReply
@MelissaGarza thank you
a year agoReply