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Chapter 2/ ??? Missed first chapter? Part 1 Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance and Hate? Warning: Language and Scenes
I looked down. Once he turned away. 'Why would he say that' you thought to yourself. "Hello every my name is Ms. Kim and how Mr. Kim said we are not married! So now if everyone please take out their book and turn to page 267 we will see that......" I looked out the window and started wondering what he meant by that. *flash back* He turned and made eye contact with me . "She's no longer my girlfriend. I have other goals in mind." He said and turned back around. *end flash back* "Ms. [Y/N], can you please bring your attention back to me. I don't know what's more interesting outside than this lecture. I hope your ready for tomorrow's test." I look back at her an nodded. The rest of the day went well. I payed attention. Well sometimes. I will get distracted by Jimin because he would always do funny faces and bully Taehyung. Later that day I went to my locker once the bell rang to leave. I gather my belongings and left some since it's a locker. I closed my locker and started walking out the building. "Hey [Y/N]!" Jimin said. "Hey Jimin" I said. "Where you headed?" He said "I'm just walking home" I said "Is it fine if I can walk you home?" "Sure! Just don't stalk me after" We both laughed and continued walking to my house. "So how was your first day of school for you?" "It was fine actually!" "That's good I'm happy to hear that, what time do you come to school?" "Well I want to go to breakfast since the breakfast is really good!" "Well I can pick you up tomorrow if you don't mind!" "I don't mind that would be really nice of you" I giggled
He smiled and God damn he had a nice ass smile! He looked so cute when he smiled. What am I saying! I never liked a guy before! How can I start liking this one? "So are we close to your house?" "Yup it's that one over there!" He grabbed my hand and started running and I followed. Geeez how much energy does this kid have? "We're here!" He yelled and laughed I didn't say anything because I tried catching my breath since I wasn't ready to run! "Ouh are you okay?" He sad with a worry face "Yeah I'm okay I'm just catching my breath because I wasn't ready to run!" "Haha sorry" "That's okay, well this is it. Thank you for dropping me off at my house! Thank you for this day actually" "Your welcome anytime" I started taking out my key from the bag and it dropped on the floor. I was going to pick it up but Jimin bend down and picked it up for me and opened the door for me. I thanked him. He waved me goodbye as I saw him leave. I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. Why?!?! I closed the door went to my room and took out my work. *The next day* As I woke up I put on my uniform and walked towards the mirror in my bathroom. "Omg I still have this pimple!!" I yelled out to my self Hmmm I wonder how the guys still called me beautiful even if I had the pimple in my forehead! I put on slight make up to cover only the pimple. I only wear make up on occasions. I walked downstairs and I heard my mom and she was talking to someone. But who? "Hey mom! And Jimin ?..." "Hey honey! A friend of yours came here to pick you up! He is very nice." I looked down because I felt that my face started heating up because I was shy. "Well Ms it's been nice meeting you. But I think it's time for me to take [Y/N] to eat her breakfast" "Oh yes Mr. Park thank you. Please take care of her." My mom said "No worries my pleasure and yes don't worry she's safe with me" he said and look at me and smiled My mom said her goodbyes and left quickly because she was going to be late for work if she didn't leave. "Jimin I didn't think you will come inside I though you were going to wait for me outside! Not that I didn't want you in hear!" I said "Haha that's okay. The only reason I came inside is because your mom saw me outside while she was coming in she bought groceries. And told me why I'm here I told her why and she told me to come in." He said as he held the door open for me and I walked out . "Here's your helmet!" He said and held it out to me "Wait what?!" "Your helmet" he said laughing "I know that. But I though we were walking!" "Well I have a feeling this is your first time in a motorcycle, this will be fun and besides I always go to school in a motor cycle. Yesterday I dropped you off walking because it was to late to turn and offer you a ride." "Yes first yes first time and second you should have told me!" I said as I put on the helmet "Well it's too late now. Come on get on!" He said while he got on and motioned me to get on. I approached and got on. I started feeling my heart beat raise a lot! "Don't worry you'll be fine. I promised your mom you'll be safe with me" I nodded. "Now hug me, put your arms around me hold on!" I did what he said and BOOM this man decides to drive right away! He laughed and I laughed. I felt a nice breeze going trough my hair even if I was wearing the helmet. "Um Jimin isn't the school that way!" "Yup!" "Well??" "You'll see" He continued driving. Until we arrived to a restaurant. He got off and helped me get down. He helped me take of my helmet and put it down then he turned and took off his.
I was starting at the back of his neck and I was entertained how he fixed his hair. He was so hot! "Cmon let's go and eat" I nodded and followed him. We enters the restaurant and sat down at a table of two. "What would you like?" "I'll just take pancakes" "Just pancakes?" He said I nodded and then a few seconds later a lady came and asked what we would like. I was about to order what I wanted but Jimin ordered for me. But he didn't order just pancakes. He order bacon, eggs, muffins, pancakes, omelettes, and much more. He gave the menu to the lady and the lady bowed and left. "Why a lot I only wanted pancakes?" "I know you wanted more. Your easy to read" I'm easy to read??? I never knew you can read people! I though you can only read books and magazines and news papers and much more . But not people! Then the food came along and we began eating. He will start making jokes about his friends which made me laugh so much I was about to spit on his face. Once we finished he paid. I told that's not fair I should have at least payed half. He said that it was okay. We got out of the restaurant got on the motorcycle and drove to school. When we got there he parked it. We walked together to school and he said he'll see me in class. I nodded and went to my locker. "Hey [Y/N]!" I turned to see who it was. "Hey Jungkook!" "How my girl doing?" I giggled "I'm fine Jungkook thanks for asking" I locked my locker and he told me if we can walk to class together and I agreed. Once we got into class. I sat down at my seat. Jungkook sat behind me. Then Jimin came and sat in front of me. Later Yoongi and Jin came they both sat behind Jungkook. Namjoon came and sat next to me . Then Hoseok came and sat next to Namjoon too. Then the bell rang . And I opened my book until I saw Taehyung come in, in a hurry and sat down next to Jimin. The class was well. I payed attention. This time I didn't let any of the dorks distract me . Then class ended and I went to my locker. When I got there I opened it and when I closed it Hoseok was standing there. "Oh hey Hoseok !" "Hello!" He said and hugged me This to me was such an awwweeee. I felt so safe on his arms. "Let's go get lunch!" He said and I agreed and followed. I grabbed my lunch and walked with him to the table. We sat down and then not even 3 seconds everyone else comes and sits down. However, Taehyung wasn't there yet. "Hey we're Taehyung?" I asked "I think he's still getting lunch I'm not sure" Jimin said We continued eating then 4 minutes later Taehyung comes. "Hey guys and hey [Y/N], sorry I was talking to the coach." Taehyung said "Oh when do tryouts start!?" Namjoon said "Next week!" "Well let's make this team win again!" Jin said "Nooooo that means I have to run!" Yoongi said "Don't worry Yoongi you don't to join if you don't have to we can watch them if you want" I said He nodded and said "This is why I like her!" He got up and went around the table and kissed my cheek. I was so caught off guard I covered my face because of embarrassment. "Awww she got cheesy!" Taehyung said. I placed my hands down and started smiling and continued eating my food. They all continued eating and made fun of Yoongi when he was in the soccer team last year. Then the bell rang. And we all went to class. And sat at our seats. The rest of the day went well. I got dropped off by Jimin again on his motor cycle. And the days continued the same. *The following week the day of tryouts* Me and Yoongi were at the bleachers watching the rest of the boys tryout for soccer "So [Y/N], what do you think of Jimin?" Yoongi asked. "What do you mean?" "Well I have recently seen he's been hanging out with you a lot." "I think he's just being nice, since I'm new and not a lot of people are my friends. Only you seven boys are my friends" "Well I actually think it's more than that. But can I tell you something?" "Sure what is it?" "[Y/N], I've been wanting to say this to you but [Y/N], I love you. I like you a lot . Your different from many other girls. I have a feeling that you don't love me the same way or can't be able to return the same feelings but I needed to lift all of this heaviness." I was surprised from what he said. I looked at him and he looked at me . We looked at each other for a long time. He leaned forward. And placed his hand on my cheek and kissed me. He gave me light kisses. Then he stopped. And told me he's sorry. I told him it was okay. I turned to look back at the field and I saw Jimin. He started loosing the ball, I noticed that he wasn't focusing much. I was worried. Then the coach said to have a time out and rest. I saw Jimin go sit at the bench . The rest were still standing and laughing. I was worried about Jimin . "Hey Yoongi I'll be back" He nodded and I left and made my way to Jimin. "Hey Jimin are you okay?" I asked. He stood up and grabbed my wrist and took me to his motorcycle "Hey what was that for Jim...." He interrupted me by kissing me on the lips. He placed both of his hands on my waist and continued kissing me. I placed my hand on his shoulders and he started giving me hints to let him have an entry. I received his hint and let his tongue wonder. Then he started kissing me down towards my neck. I let out soft moans. And gave him a nice entry to my neck. Then he kiss me in the lips once more and whispered into my ear. "I don't want you near Yoongi, I saw him kiss you and I got jealous. I love you [Y/N]. Will you be my girlfriend" I looked at him and I nodded. "Yes Jimin yes!" I hugged him and he hugged me then lifted me up and made a turn and put me back down. "I love you [Y/N]" "I love you too Jimin" "Now don't get me jealous babe" he giggled "Only Look at me" he said
OMG!!!!! What do you think will happen next? What did Taehyung meant by "She's no longer my girlfriend. I have other goals in mind."???!!!?!?! What do you think happened to Jessica??? Well know next chapter!
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