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Guys it's Dinochen's birthday today!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! The super adorable bias wrecker (for me at least) of EXO!!!!!!!!!! Chen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I love Chen so much guys!! It's not even funny!!! If Chanyeol wasn't my bias in EXO, then it would Chen would have been. Can we all just take a second and just appreciate one of the most adorable men in the world!!!!! I can't even!!! Chen is just soooooooooo adorable to me!!!! But then he just walks in and shows off his arms or body and it's like *jaw drops* That man can be soooooo sexy!!!!! If you guys don't believe that he's one of the cutest boys ever, that can also be one of the sexiest, then please continue on and embrace these pictures and gifs of this wonderful man to celebrate his birthday! Enjoy C:
Ooooooofffffffff too sexy too sexy!!!!!! That gif is the death of me!!!!! *Fans self* Is it hot in here or is it just me? Booooooyyyyyy I can't even!!!!! And his smile!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!! His smile is one of the best smiles ever!!!!!! He has such a cute smile!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh such a bias wrecker!!!!! Please tell me I'm not overreacting, you guys feel the same way right? Like, I'm not the only one who just wants to melt whenever I listen to him sing!!!! God, he has such an amazing voice!!!!!!! Damn, why is this boy not my bias!?!!??! Ummm maybe because Chanyeol's also perfect....? Oh shut up brain......Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing day and I hope Chen has a perfect day today!!! We love you Chen!!!!! Happy birthday Chen!! Stay strong and fighting!

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@Helixx more Chen spam!!!!
Chen day is making me so happy. Happy Birthday Oppa!
ugh I can't wait to make my card for him nice card by the way 👍
I completely agree with you on everything you said about Chen, except he isn't my wrecker. That's because he is my EXO bias and has been since day one. No one else has come close. It's that mix of adorable puppy with the killer smile and sexy AF mofo with that killer smile *wink* I love his sassy, sarcastic personality too. I just adore him. I ADORE HIM SO F-ING MUCH!!! And his voice... his voice is what got me in the first place. It's smooth like butter and oh so rich. I am just in love with those pipes of his. And have we mentioned his beautiful eyes yet? Or that jawline? Like OMG HOW IS HE SO GORGEOUS???
@JohnEvans Haha thank you ^-^