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K-pop group Super Junior is also known as the ‘Hallyu King’ (King of Korean wave). Among K-pop stars they have the strongest and thickest fandom overseas. Including ‘Sorry Sorry’ from the 3rd studio album in 2008, ‘Bonamana’ from the 4th album in 2010, ‘Mr. Simple’ from the 5th album in 2011, and ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ from the 6th in 2012, their reputation and fame as a hallyu star were confirmed as they swept numerous music charts from both domestic and overseas. Since the beginning of the ‘Super Show’ tour in 2008, Super Junior made a legacy of a million audiences in total on July 6 at the ‘Super Show 5 in Singapore.’ After that, 110,000 came to the Dokyo Dome, Japan, from July 27 to 28; another 20,000 in Bangkok, Thailand; and 30,000 more in Taipei, Taiwan. In total, Super Junior met and shared their music with about 1,160,000 audiences in their concerts. It is no surprise that Super Junior has always been the best among K-pop singers. The interview took place on August 19 at noon at a photoshoot in Kangnam, Seoul, for the fashion brand, ‘SPAO.’ Currently Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung are serving the military, while Han Geng is in China and Kibum is focused in acting. When heard of the news on the launch of the brand new website KPOPPlanet, Super Junior members wooped up congratulations, “We look forward to be reading great news of Super Junior and many other K-pop artists.” Q: Any words for the English K-pop website, KPOPPlanet? (Eunhyuk): Congratulations! Please post great news on Super Junior as well as other K-pop singers. (Kangin): I wish for the best and hope many fans from all over the world will love it. Q: What do you think of your group being called the Hallyu King? (Eunhyuk): We’re quite embarrassed. There are many other amazing artists, but it does feel good. When we first debuted, being awarded the Rookie of the Year was our goal, and then to broaden our activities in China and to Asia. (Donghae): There are many times when we feel proud. The name does have its positive effect. (Sungmin): I slowly understood what the nickname meant as we did the world tour. I realized how much the fans cared for us by witnessing the unexpected heat of support from our fans during the tour in each country. Q: Do you know that fans from Korea and overseas jokingly call Super Junior, The Star of the Universe? (Eunhyuk): Heechul, who is now serving the military, used to say it. The phrase spread out and I think the fans are kind of brainwashed. (Laughing) I would say ‘Hallyu Avengers’ would also be great name…“ (Ryeowook): As for me, I don’t like the feeling of having completed everything. There are times when I envy new groups. They still have many places to go and a lot to accomplish. We also want to be a team always headed for something or somewhere. I still long for something more. Q: Congratulations on your record of 1,000,000 audiences from exclusively held domestic and international concerts! (Donghae): I know that you can’t see 1,000,000 in one view. Once I couldn’t keep my mouth shut as I saw 60,000~70,000 fans in one spot. 1,000,000 is much larger! I’m really grateful to our fans. (Shindong): I know that Leeteuk have been waiting to witness that moment, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to be with us since he was in the military. (Kangin): Leeteuk I know is softhearted and emphasizes meanings very much. It was sad that could not be there to celebrate with us because he who would have been very proud. Q: Did you party to congratulate the new record? (Eunhyuk): Honestly, we were so busy preparing for the performance we didn’t know about the new record until the end of the tour in Singapore. We all clapped and shouted ‘Waaaa!!’ when we were notified at a get-together after the concert. We celebrated with a small beer party. Q: You have recently been to South America meeting fans from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. (Donghae): Mr. K, you were there with us! You saw the fans right? I thought my eardrum was about to explode! The roars increased more and more. I guess that’s why they call South America, the continent of passion. (Eunhyuk): The trip was quite far. It’s on the other side of the world! After the concert in Chile, we walked around and shopped, when I suddenly realized how cool this was. It dawned on me that fans from the opposite side of the planet supported us, and knew our music. It was touching and very thankful. Q: I heard you bought pairs of soccer shoes? (Donghae): We bought soccor shoes before we left Chile. Then we borrowed a stadium and played soccer with the staffs. What we really wanted to do was to play soccer in the streets with other people, but given the circumstances we couldn’t. We felt soccer would feel different when played in South America. (Eunhyk): It’s not easy to leave the hotel when we go abroad, because we have to focus our minds on preparing for the concert. But we really try to go outdoor not too far away. We like to enjoy the local culture, atmosphere, tourist spots, and of course food. I would like to go backpacking some day. (Sungmin): Asia, North America, South America, Europe… I really hope to experience them all. I would like to tell the fans where I’ve been to and what I felt. Q: Are there any places you want to perform at? (Eunhyk): There are many places we still haven’t been to. We know that there are fans all over the world, but we can’t visit them due to other systematic issues. I would say, performing in Africa and in the Middle East would be great. I want to visit our fans one by one. Q: How many times have you circle the earth? (Ryeowook): The mileage from the airlines, Korean Air and Asiana is about 400,000 to 500,000. I would have to count how many times we circled the earth. (Donghae): Why do I feel I’ve already been so far as Jupitar? (Laughing) (Sungmin): I used up most of the mileage for my family. For instance, I invited my little brother to our concert in Europe. Anyways, sometimes the airplane feels like my house…I mean, I open my eyes I’m in the plane, I go to sleep, still inside the plane… (Ryeowook): There are times when we meet the same flight attendants from before. They tell us that we are the most courteous passengers. This is true! (Laughing heartedly) Q: What do you think is the secret to your extraordinary popularity? (Kangin): When we go abroad, I also ask similar questions, ‘Which K-pop group is popular?’, and they tell us that it is ‘us.’ We can see that they aren’t just being polite, because they are really excited when they tell us that. It’s a mystery since there are teams that are better looking and better vocal skills. When we ask them why they think so, they always say that we are ‘kind.’ We often hear from fans that we are humane, honest, and kind. (Ryeowook): We never thought that we would be this loved when we first debuted. Our team was the first group in Korea to be made up of more than 10 members, so it was definitely risky. We really bound together. Older members sacrificed a lot and really cared for us. We grew slowly. (Sungmin): We tried out new things. We are the first to create a ‘unit’ in Korea. We were distinguished in that we had many members, communicated often with the fans, and weren’t afraid to just be ourselves. I think trying to be an obba (older brother) next door helped. Our choreography was made to enjoy and not too difficult. Q: How is the teamwork? (Shindong): Now, we are more than just close friends. You could say we are like brothers. (Kangin): In the beginning we fought several times. But as we experienced hardships, we opened up and become to rely on each other. You also miss your members when you’re in the military. Q: Do you feel the ‘power’ of music? (Shindong): No doubt! How can we communicate when we are from different countries speaking in different languages? (Kangin): We are grateful for what the music does for us. We are thankful for our amazing fans, our members, the music of Korea, and everything. (Shindong): The fans should support and love other K-pop artists as well, but it is also important for them to love us too! (Smiling) Q: Any words to Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, who are currently serving the military? (Ryeowook): We envy the junior group Exo these days. We miss all of our members who aren’t present when we see them moving out as a big group. I hope they come back soon so we could stand as a whole group on stage. I’m sure the fans are also anxious for their return. Q: Do you have any album plans for this year? (Sungmin): We don’t have anything planned yet. Our current plan is to focus on the Super Show 5 and then on individual activities. (Ryeowook): We will move on without stopping! We want to meet each and every one of our fans. We will of course share our exciting news through KPOPPlanet. Source: Shared at by salimahsj TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS.