In all honesty, I'm reconsidering the name of this collection already...nothing big, just switching "Misadventures" for "Adventures". Just kidding, it's not THAT bad... My errands business is in its fourth week of...well...the website has been up that long, anyway. Yet, it does feel better to be trying to offer something to society than to just be sitting at home, cleaning and watching Little Einsteins all day. I have been knocking on doors and promoting and advertising and getting friends too spread the word. There has still been a little bit of resistant and negative response, but really it has mostly been quite positive. The most common response to my pitch is, "Ohmygod, I HATE going to Wal-Mart! You'll definitely hear from me!" (I'm still waiting for my first call, but I'm hanging in there.)
Last week, I had a meeting with a gentleman that represents the Chamber of Commerce. He seemed at least a little impressed with my marketing strategy and research. I have already implemented the fantastic pointers he gave me, including setting up a Google business profile (so people can find my business and website in a Google search) and getting a Square credit/debit card reader. (Both are free, incredible tools for a small business [with limited funds].) <insert shameless plug for said companies>
He also suggested that I ask my first few customers if they would mind being positive references and help promote my service...which I certainly plan on doing. I am still quite nervous in trying to talk to people, but as I go, my pitch is smoothing out and I'm becoming more accustomed to the new script (an Aspie thing). New demographics have revealed themselves, too. I have expanded my focus to the schools, local businesses, law offices, and even the small airport that boasts its own B&B. The airport manager was especially thrilled by the prospect. I am still dealing with feeling a bit overwhelmed by the social aspect of business. It's not easy, for sure, but hopefully it will all be totally worth it!
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This is fantastic - good luck