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Do former EXO members still listen to EXO?

So, earlier I was listening to Dancing King and Lotto and for some reason I started thinking about Kris, Luhan, and Tao. I asked myself "Do they listen to EXO's songs even though they aren't with them anymore?" I know it sounds stupid but have any of you thought about it??
I thought of the same thing I hope they still listen to them even if it's not very often #SoManyFeels
I hope they do too.
maybe overtime the friendship that they had will still connect them. i would wish that they did.
I'm sure they might still. I mean there was that selca that Kris took and in the background was EXOs love me right albums. It was on his weibo but he deleted it shortly after when fans brought it up.
I think Kris and Luhan might, but I'm almost positive Tao doesn't. So many things happened between Tao and EXO, that I can't see him listening to their music anymore.
good question..hum..?🤔🤔🤔 may be why not? sure they do lol
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