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Do former EXO members still listen to EXO?
So, earlier I was listening to Dancing King and Lotto and for some reason I started thinking about Kris, Luhan, and Tao. I asked myself "Do they listen to EXO's songs even though they aren't with them anymore?" I know it sounds stupid but have any of you thought about it??
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I believe that perhaps they hear it on passing or like Kris have purchased the album on memories . Lay Luhan Kris are still very close as Lay has stated in previous interviews and Tao I think perhaps chooses to stay away for fear of any lingering animosity. But in truth I think everyone has buried the hatchet and let the rest where they stand
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I think they do...
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i think they do they were such close friends i think they do check up on each oth even exo might check up on other 3 lols sometimes but i can understand if they dont want to talk abt it it sort of might hurt a lot looking at how it hpnd nd it was all totally screwed up. But yess i am sure they have some great memories of each other they always wd miss and i don't think they blame the members so i am quite they do check up on each other now i miss ot12 .😟😓😢😢omgee
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Haha I love that gif... Kris bows and leaves, Chanyeol follows him right away. lol so funny
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I think the same thing every comeback
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