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"Suho?" He hummed back, to engrossed in his book. "Will you love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful~!" You half shouted, half sang out the lyrics, completely off key, and flopped onto your boyfriend's back. "Dear geezus! She's on drugs." Suho shifted forward and suddenly you were wedged between him and the couch. "Oh no, my girlfriend seems to have disappeared." He leaned backwards, pressing you into the cushions. "This is it! This is where I die!" Your voice was muffled but the idol chuckled and moved, freeing you. "And here I thought the last things I'd ever smell would be the lovely Febreeze on the couch and your disgusting farts." Suho chunked one of the throw pillows at your head. "I should have farted." He grumbled moving to read his book again. "Breaking news!" Jumping from the comfort of your couch, you took on a serious time and stalked around the coffee table. "This just in!" Dramatic pause, gaining his attention. "Leader of the boy group EXO, Kim Jun Myun, better known as Suho, stiffles his previous girlfriend's last breaths in a display that people are calling truly sad." He raised an eyebrow at your terrible acting. "It seems that one afternoon in late September, the boy group member sat on his girlfriend's head. The events that followed, were grim at best. Suffocating the poor girl. In this years first death by farts, we remember Kang Momo as the gre-" He tackled you. Mid-monologue about your tragic death, Suho had taken you down. Thankfully the pile of pillows and blankets that had littered the floor the night before caught you. Your needed more bedding, really it did. Having anywhere from four to sixteen people in the place on any given week and was a call for more. "Who was all here last night?" He was finally realizing just how messy your home was. "Lay's girls, all three, Kai's wife and their little six month old, Chen's oldest daughter stayed but his wife ended up taking the younger one home," You mused over just who else had been there ",Oh it was nearly all the girls." In all, your apartment had housed fifteen people, including yourself over the course of the last two days. "Anyone over tonight?" "Nope. Just us and ourselves." You let out a wicked from before climbing on top of your boyfriend. "Suho?" He hummed out, staring at you with such an endearing look. "I love you." Suho's eyes grew wide. Though unspoken, you both knew that one loved the other. "Say it again." His voice was but a whisper. "I love you Kim Jun Myun." He grinned and suddenly you were on the ground again. "I love you too Momo, more than words could explain." "You can't take it back. Not now, not ever. Those words are out there and I will cut you if you try!" The hollow threat had you grinning. "Why would I-oh dear geezus." Suho covered his nose and fell away from you. "You always have to ruin a good moment don't you?" He wasn't mad, you could hear the laugh he was trying to keep down. "Like when we were getting all got and bothered, and you licked my face." He couldn't hold the laugh back any longer. "Seriously Suho, that was nasty. You licked from chin to hairline!" "My disgusting girlfriend and I." He moved back to you, pulling you close, snuggling. "I have an idea. Something to show off our newly proclaimed love for each other." "Don't tell me you've going to propose in an embarrassingly public scene." He didn't skip a beat. "I promised to wait until we were together four years, but it's gonna be embarrassingly public." You groaned ",No, I was thinking since you're free we should go on a date." "Like a real date?" The thought had you giddy. "No disguises and no rented out buildings. I love you Momo and I think it's time everyone knew that." Finally after two years of dating, you'd get to have a real date. There would probably be hoards of fans and more cameras than comfortable but you'd enjoy it until they figured it out. -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - He remembered the tacky Micky Mouse sweaters you bought. It was when you first moved to Korea, learning about 'couples things'. You'd been dating for a year at that point and bought them on impulse. The idea of couples sweaters went out the door when his company advised against going public. "Let's wear these." He looked beyond happy to have discovered the forgotten items. "If you want." "We don't have many couple's outfits and I want everyone to know you're mine." Suho was loving this idea of showing you off to the world. "You wanna be tacky matchy-matchy in our first public date?" You questioned him, completely blown away by the route he wanted to take. "Like any other absolutely, annoyingly in love young couple you see." His grin was to much for you to reject or even question it further. "Tacky-tacky, matchy-matchy it is then."
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this was so cute. I love the monologue she did that's hilarious I loved it
awww this is so cute!!! I love it! 😁😁
really adorable!