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A poem I wrote for my English class about my one & only Kyungsoo. Lowkey angst... If you like it comment something nice. I also write a lot of malexmale smuts... so tell me if that's something you're interested in seeing.
His straight dark shaded hair as it brush across his forehead. Pale soft skin white as snow, marked with small black moles. Eyebrows strongly shimmering. Precious doe eyes. Piercing his gaze deeply into every object in his world. Nose proportionate and well-defined. Those soft, thick, plumped heart shaped lips that shines brightly as he smiles. His voice, a voice that give off a sense of sensation and satisfaction. A voice that will make you beg and plead for more. The soft tones crawling out of his lips are pleasure to the ears. Words coming out of his mouth are words I couldn't understand, yet I constantly crave to hear. Arms & legs moving along with the rhythm being played. Passionate He may sound like a character from a happy fairly tail, but this has a sad ending. The aching and suffering feeling of not being known is hurting. It's wrenching tingling eating inside. The thought of him never noticing how much he means to me repeatedly played in my head like a broken record. Through his precious round eyes I'm just considered ordinary. Nothing more, nothing less. Wanting him to notice me like how I notice him is just a dream I created. In my eyes he may be my Peterpan, but in his eyes I'm just his fan.