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Back at it once again! here I am working on kooki monster and this appears to me! So I came across a video of unicorn balloons and I admit I posted it with lay before but I wanted to put it with bts boys as well so thus stemming what happens and let's face it, the boys would absolutely love this thing!
Walking down the street there was a lively crowd that surrounded something in the middle of the street.  It looked like people were watching something entertaining.  The girls stopped and moves into the crowd to take a look at what it was. It was late at night and wondered if it could be a street performance of some kind.  It was!  But far from what they were expecting. In the middle of the crowd was 2 people dressed in balloons forming unicorns!  Eliza and Belle laughed upon seeing them, the two guys that we're with them had hung back in the crowd but Belle wanted them to see so she went back to get them to come up to the front.  When Belle left to do so the unicorns started to dance, they grabbed people out of the crowd to join them and people went willingly and even if they weren't pulled in they still went in the middle to dance with them. It looked so fun and without a thought when one of the unicorn covered people came up to her she went up to start dancing around.  She had an inkling to touch one of them curious as to how the balloons weren't popping and staying together. As she was having fun she saw the rest of her group emerge from the people. Hobi and kooki were laughing and looked like they enjoyed what they saw. Eliza went and pulled them both into the dancing group and they joined willingly. Belle followed and all of them were dancing goofy like with the unicorns. Kooki had grabbed onto one of the unicorns and was dancing in circles with it.  He was laughing and singing a silly song about unicorns. Kooki looked like a little kid on a candy rush  it was so cute. Hobi was sneaking up behind the unicorn kooki was dancing with and started poking at the balloons and laughing then he danced around them in circles. "Omg I recognize this song!" Belle exclaimed all of a sudden "Dancing king!" Eliza was bent over in two when she realized and the two started to sing along. When the song was over the boys wanted to take pictures with the unicorns and Eliza took pictured and even had Belle take a picture too. "Oh gosh see this is why you do random things with us, we encounter the craziest things!" Belle said to kooki and hobi. "The others are going to be so jealous!" Kooki said. "But they didn't want to go to the strip club!  If they came with then they would have been here too! Hobi pointed out. "See! It was worth it to go wasn't it?" Belle exclaimed "A little bit of awkwardness and then some fun!" Eliza said. They were walking back to the dorm and when they got there the girls were going to leave to go home. "We'll see you two tomorrow " Belle said as the girls waved goodbye.  "Should we take a taxi home or walk?" Eliza asked. "Im only a half mile from here and so are you" Belle said. They lived in a different dorm that had all females in it. They resided with other managers and female dancers. "Nah we can walk it" Belle said. "As long as no one tries to kidnap us" she added.  "Its almost 2 in the morning wait that's an ideal time, damn now you have me thinking of that " Eliza said making Belle laugh. "Want to play some music so not to freak ourselves out at every slight noise?" Belle suggested.  "No!  Then we can't hear if we're being snuck up on and if it's loud enough then no one can ear our screams " Eliza said making her laugh. "Your so funny.  We are just walk a couple blocks,  all in closed in this area where there are a bunch of dorms, you honestly think someone is going to chance it?" Belle questioned "Yes! Who knows they might have a serial killer thing going on where they attack dorms and it's residents " Eliza exclaimed. Eliza and Belle were having a conversation about getting attacked. It was starting to freak him out, maybe he shouldn't have followed behind them alone, should have grabbed Namjoon or even Yoongi who could scare someone away with a glance. He had just wanted to make sure they got home safely and then was going to walk back but maybe he should let his presence be known.  "What was that?" He heard Eliza say. "I didn't hear anything" Belle said. "I swear I hear footsteps behind us" Eliza said.  Wow, she had good ears. Walking up behind them Jin stopped a few steps behind   Eliza was the one to turn around and upon seeing him freak out! "Oh my gee don't do that Jin! I thought you were a kidnapper!" Eliza exclaimed "No, I wasn't liking you two going home alone" he told them  "and I think you would scare anyone who came at you first" he added. "How?" Belle said slowly. "Because of your conversations. Your already alert and saying what the possibility is that it would happen" he informed them, "Ah, we should have listened to music,  us singing along would scare them more" Eliza said making him laugh "Hey I'm not that bad!" Belle said "I am!" Eliza stated then laughed. "You could scare a crow away couldn't you? " She questioned "Are you calling me a scarecrow?" Eliza asked. "No, you don't look like one! " she grinned  "but you probably sound like one" Belle laughed. "That hurts!" Eliza said fake hurt "Well Jin here would probably attract them with his singing " Belle pointed out. "I am that good" he boasted "He has a right to boast!  Besides it's his job " Eliza pointed out. "If he just had to stand there he could attract them too. Oh bad scarecrow material, all the crows would come for you " Eliza added "If hen both meanings of the word!" Belle said.  "You mean come and cum? " Jin raised a brow. "You dirty girl!" Eliza laughed. "You were thinking it!" Belle accused "True, I'm guilty too" Eliza said. Jin was standing there just listening to the two of them talk about him like this. He was wondering about something and spoke aloud. "If he wonder if I should feel flattered or embarrassed by you two?" "Oh definitely feel flattered by it!" Belle said.  "Okay it's late should we start walking now?" She asked "Yes  we should " Jin said. He walked them to their dorms and made sure they got there safely before he walked back home.
Sarah! I don't wanna! it's yours! I wanna focus on kooki for a minute! I only have Joonie destroying my panda army so far! . . . . oops did I give that away????? lol that's okay you get a teaser of what's gonna be coming in kooki monster! so I giving story back pweaae keep for a day
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Ahhh.....I adore Jin.
lol yes I'll keep it I have an idea but I wonder how I shall get to it... also hahah unicorn Ballon people
yes! you have finally given in. hehehe