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Yeh so this little asshole right here is the whole reason I started playing Mystic Messenger!
Obviously I need help since I'm absolutly addicted and attracted to a lot of people like this lol. like I need to stop but I don't wanna stop!
It's not a phase mum okay? I just love him! Also I need to keep better tracks of my days cause I nearly missed MCM. Also if anyone is into this game, wants to talk about their love for these characters, or rp just shoot me a message!~
Anime name?
It's not an anime it's a otome phone app called Mystic Messenger ^w^
That sexy jackass
Yass! He is such a beautiful child
I'm so glad someone can agree with me qwq
@MsFall3nAng3l Its actually from this new dating simulater app called Mystic Messenger!
Gah, im in love with Jumin! 😍 He is smexxxyyyyy!! I flippin love mystic messenger, so glad someone woke up one day with this idea XD
saaame! also yeh I'm so addicted lol I'm on it 24/7 cause I love em! Jumin is a cutie!
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