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Yeh so this little asshole right here is the whole reason I started playing Mystic Messenger!
Obviously I need help since I'm absolutly addicted and attracted to a lot of people like this lol. like I need to stop but I don't wanna stop!
It's not a phase mum okay? I just love him! Also I need to keep better tracks of my days cause I nearly missed MCM. Also if anyone is into this game, wants to talk about their love for these characters, or rp just shoot me a message!~
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That sexy jackass
I'm all about yoosung xD from the first moment I heard his voice I fell hard, not only do I love his voice but his personality came out perfect as well x3 I'm on my second play through atm for zen and then I'll be hitting deep story mode for Jumin and 7, but I'll make sure to give jaehee the light of day at some point too. The addiction to this game is real. And my expectations of men have only risen even more lmao, I just keep wishing for yoosungie~ to be real 😲💙☺️
omg Yoosung is so adorable he's a precious baby and he must be protected! Imma go in order with the routes tho I am super excited for 707's cause omg he is bae! xD I feel you on that too! like dude dude just come to life Saeran please! I need you as my boyfriend.
Gah, im in love with Jumin! 😍 He is smexxxyyyyy!! I flippin love mystic messenger, so glad someone woke up one day with this idea XD
saaame! also yeh I'm so addicted lol I'm on it 24/7 cause I love em! Jumin is a cutie!
Anime name?
It's not an anime it's a otome phone app called Mystic Messenger ^w^
@MsFall3nAng3l Its actually from this new dating simulater app called Mystic Messenger!