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With Infinite's recent comeback after two years, I wanted to show off their other awesome tracks to people who might be new to the Infinite fandom^^

(FYI we're called Inspirits haha!)

Be Mine

This is honestly the song that got me back into Kpop. I had just started college and was falling out of the fandom. Something about this song hooked me. I never watch live shows but I found myself watching every single live version of this. I was mesmerized.
To this day, my friends from college will ask me about this song's name because they randomly get it stuck in their heads and want to listen to it.

Back (Performance Version)

This choreography seriously blooooows my mind, plus the fact that there is so much emotion in their voices. Its seriously a stunning song, please give it a listen.

The Chaser

This was the first big comeback I was an Infinite fan for (minus Paradise) and it hit me SO HARD. The dance, the beat, everything about this is so great. Definitely one of the top Infinite songs ever.


This song is so important because its really different from the typical Kpop song. It was awesome to see some experimentation in the Kpop world, and this song/video is really beautiful.

Last Romeo

This is another example of Infinite experimenting in Kpop. At first I really wasn't feeling this song, but it grew on my out of nowhere. I love it. It starts at 0:50 in this video and is just so great - I LOVE the use of drums!

Man in Love

I'm a totally sucker for sweet pop songs and this hit me right in the heart. Its so bubbly and happy and great and I just love it so much. I know the entire thing by heart and can ace it at karaoke!


The choreo, the beat, everything. Just please, please listen to this song.

I'm going to stop here because I can tell that I'm just going to include every video lol!

Just please give Infinite lots of love <3 They deserve it!

((also if you need a new tv show to watch, Sesame Player is what made me fall in love with Infinite))
Infinite is in equal first position for my favorite group, along with many others, I started collecting their hard copy albums last year, I've still got a few to go
I still need to get a hard copy of one their albums. 😬😭
INFINITE IS ONE OF MY TOP BIAS GROUPS! They have such amazing talent from their vocals to their rappers. AND THEIR DANCING IS ON POINT. I got into them during their 'Back' era and I never ever regret it. They are such an amazing group that needs more love and attention these days. πŸ’™ #INSPIRITFORLIFE. ✊✊ One of my life goals is to actually see them live in concert. One day, I shall.... πŸ˜€ Thanks Kimchi for posting this card! We need some more Infinite love on here. ☺
btw they came out last year with Bad. and i love my 3 biases.
infinite ranking king is really good, so if you want more infinite variety shows definitely watch this one! it's so funny XD
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it's beautiful XD
Infinite is my bias group and Sungjong is my ultimate bias!! Infinite's story is actually really sad/happy. They debut from a very small company and were unsuccessful for a while and their company was losing money. They had comeback after comeback and it got to the point that Infinite was going to disband if they didn't find large success. "Be Mine" was going to be their last chance... and they wound up winning twice or more than that? It's literally the most emotional win ever... see their reaction here: After Be Mine was their next comeback "The Chaser" , which won a Triple Crown award!! Ever since, any time Infinite comes back, they dominate the charts. They really love and cherish their fans because they know how it feels to be rock bottom, and it's the fans that helped raise them up. I could go on and on and on about Infinite.... About Sungkyu's hard/strong leadership that shaped infinite into what they are today, about Dongwoos happy and energetic spirit that lights up Infinite, about Woohyun's hard work and unbelievable voice range that has given Infinite's songs so much effect and depth, about Hoya's EXTREME dedication to Infinite and caring heart that builds his members up, about Sungyeol's intelligence and braveness to be himself even though he is teased, about Myungsoo's charasmatic and thoughtful ways and how humble he is despite being the most popular member of infinite, and about Sungjongs precious sweet heart and his ability to adapt into any concept and situation dispite having scoliosis. Please stan Infinite you guys; you may not like the songs at first but they will grow on you like skin!!!
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@StephanieDuong Ikr its soooo emotional!!!! They are such angels <3 <3
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