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Sunwoo Sunday (late)
Hello my fellow Royal Family! Its Melissa, your Boys Republic mod supporter. I'm so sorry about being late. I'm going to try to catch up on Game Night and Royal Spotlight soon. So be looking for that tomorrow. Let's begin with showing some love and appreciation for our handsome Sunwoo.
Sunwoo is so cute and so irresistible.
To show my love and appreciation for our handsome Sunwoo, I've made some digital paintings of my favorite Sunwoo images. The first one is my favorite image of Sunwoo because he looks so sweet and innocence. It came out good as a digital painting, right?
This image makes his eyes look so big. The digital painting came out good too.
Here is a digital painting of Sunwoo's pouting face. Awe! Its just adorable.
Sunwoo's pouting face is so adorable that I made another digital painting of it.
In my opinion, Sunwoo best feature is his profile. He has beautiful sideway profile. What do you think of his profile?
Well That's all for Sunwoo Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it, even if it was late. Tomorrow I'll be announcing our Royal Spotlight and the results for Game night. Til next time, take care and be safe. the Royal squad @QueenLee - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t my Vingle family @Helixx @LocoForJiyong @LadyLuna @peahyr @sherrysahar @MadAndrea @buddyesd @cardboardart @annevictoriaa @TaehyungV @taetaebaozi @twistedPuppy @PolarStarr @ChaErica @koinii @kelseyblair @kennaxx @QueenLee @otakukpopgirl @JarviaKlipka @resavalencia @EmilyPeacock @SaraHanna @MandyNoona @Isolate @swarrier16 @lovetop @FalseLove @Gamerkyumin @EmilyGardner @BabydollBre @JaiiPanda @pandaqueenbee @JiyongLeo @IsoldaPazo @AnnaArai @AimeeH @junhwanbae92 @CLAKPOP @danidee @AmberFranco @DalyRomero @salo @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @Bwolfgirl @MrsJungHoseok @MrsBangYongguk @LunaFergus @MYAlpha @YongRaviMon @LuisUmania @vatcheeafandi99 @KellyOConnor @PrettieeEmm @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum @unnieARMYKeY @maelstromVIP @JuanitaBooRiv @MsLoyalHeart @ARMYstarlight @AmberRelynn @MichelleIbarra @KwonofAKind @lilbrowneyes @BelencitaGarcia @JustinaNguyen @terenailyn @tayunnie @thepinkprincess @PrincessUnicorn @scarletmermaid @SugaMint @SuperJuniorelf @SindyHernandez @SimplyAwkard @drummergirl691 @SarahVanDorn @amobts @LuisUmania @Remysrose @chenisbaekasy @JaxomB @leilakyrsten @kokoroNoTakara @BBxGD @LemonLassie @xroyalreisx @BlackFawn @JohnEvans @flxvour @Peachylife @sarahdarwish @ShinoYuki @YailinTejeda @SugaOnTop @passthesuga @MonAnnahiX @Zxenna @jevonlowery @nikkynoel @ChoiJiah @JordanShuler @xoxorittie @firstladyofaomg @ashleyemmert @alywoah @twistedlove @HeichousRegalia @VeronicaArtino @kpopandkimichi @kpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @CarolPantoja @fallchild @QueenPandaBunny @XergaB20 @thetrillestkid @Nikkitty please let me know if you want to be added to my tag list.
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sunwoo is soo damn beautiful 😍😍😍😍😘
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed his beauty πŸ˜‰
a year ago